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What is the synonyms of sullen?


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sulky, pouting, sour, morose,

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Gloomy, glum, sullen, peevish, miserable, sour-tempered.

The girl was very sullen. She was sullen because her cat died. She looked very sullen. He spoke in a sullen, monotone voice.

Bleak, dark, unhappy, depressed, discouraged, despairing, gloomy, glum, hopeless, melancholy, sad, sullen, troubled, and upset.

a pout is the same as sullen discontent

when there is a storm coming the sky is sullen

Sullen means "sulky", "gloomy" or "dismal".

The Sullen Sulcus was created in 2002.

The sullen look on his face told her something was wrong. The boy was a gloomy, sullen sort of person with few friends.

Emmett Cullen-Alex Sullen (Zane Holtz) Rosalie Cullen-Rosalyn Sullen (Stephanie Fischer) Alice Cullen-Iris Sullen (Kelsey Ford) Jasper Cullen-Jeremiah Sullen (Nick Eversman) Esme Cullen-Eden Sullen (Crista Flanagan) Carlisle Cullen-Carlton Sullen (Jeff Witzke) Edward Cullen-Edward Sullen (Matt Lanter) Bella Swan/Cullen-Becca Crane/Sullen (Jenn Proske)

the crowd went mad; the benches exchanged sullenlooks

NFL player Jordan Sullen is 6'-01''.

The sullen teenager sat on the corner of the couch. The criminal replied in a sullen tone to the officer's questions.

The judge had a sullen look as he read the verdict.

Jordan Sullen plays for the Denver Broncos.

Jordan Sullen plays Cornerback for the Denver Broncos.

Generally, if you were screaming in anger you would not be described as sullen. Sullen refers to a person who, while angry, is quiet and reflective.

Sullen, gray clouds spread thickly over the horizon.

You can use the word "sumpungin" (pronounced: soom-poong-in) to describe somebody who is sullen.

"Sullen" means to be sulky, bad-tempered or gloomily silent. Therefore some suitable sentences would be: He sat in sullen silence after he was grounded for a month. After he was berated for talking out of turn, the sullen teenager refused to answer the teacher's question.

Sullen Diaconoff has written: 'Eros and power in 'Les liaisons dangeureuses''

NFL player Jordan Sullen played for Tulane.

Sullen - 2008 was released on: USA: 6 June 2008

Matt Lanter plays Edward Sullen, and Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen.

NFL player Jordan Sullen weighs 200 pounds.

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