What is the systematic name for HBrO2?

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hydrobromic acid
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What is systematic management?

Answer . Systematic management is a process used for a business.. See also systemics: Systemic Management is a holistic approach to management that allows leaders to operate in complex environments, navigate through strategic uncertainty and effectively manage change in organizations. (ref. Pete ( Full Answer )

Systematic name for water?

Dihydrogen monoxide was used for a hoax at one point, however as hydrogen has been shown to be a metallic element, Hydrogen Hydroxide is probably a better name.

What is systematic geography?

Systematic geography is concerned with individual physical andcultural elements of the earth. Systematic geography includesphysical geography and cultural geography. These classificationsare made up of specialized fields that deal with specific aspectsof geography. Systematic geography is concerned ( Full Answer )

What are systematics?

systematic in biology mainly in parasitology would deal with the diversification of all living forms both present and past and how they relate to each other

What are systematic names preferred over common names?

The reason is because common names are not very descriptive and also that common names do not provide information about the chemical composition of the compound. Common names can vary between countries and between different areas of science.

What is systematic sampling?

In systemic sampling, we select some starting point and then select every k th (such as the 50 th ) element in the population.. Per Elementary Statistics by Triola, page 24

What does systematically mean?

The word literally means "following a system", or "methodically".. This word has several meanings; 1 : relating to or consisting of a system. 2 : presented or formulated as a coherent body of ideas or principles 3 a : methodical in procedure or plan b : marked by thoroughness and ( Full Answer )

What is systematic prejudice?

Systematic prejudice is when someone is judged more harshly and given a severe punishment, because of their color of their skin, culture and other diverse factors. \n. \nAn example of this for instance 2 men, (White Australian and an Indigenous Aboriginal Australian) may appear in court for the sa ( Full Answer )

What is systematic racism?

According to Dr.Joe R. Feagin, systematic racisim are all the well-institutionalized patterns of discrimination that cut across major political, economic, and social organizations in a society.

What is systematic desensitization?

Systematic desensitisation is a type of CBT (Cognitive behavioral Therapy) mainly focussing on the behavioral component. It is used for people who have specific types of Phobias e.g. Agoraphobia (fear of being trapped). It is very simple but an effective treatment. Initially the patient is taught ( Full Answer )

What is systematic circulation?

systematic circulation is the process by which the heart pumps and circulate blood around the body

What is a systematic error?

Systematic error is the difference between the actual value of what is being measured and the value you found. The results of systematic error are precise but not accurate.

What is a systematic observation?

Systematic observation includes naturalistic observation, which isreal-life observation, and structured observation, which takesplace in a natural environment in which manipulation is involved

What is systematic error?

Such an error is a recurring error because of a faulty measuring instrument or some recurring experimental condition that distorts the data every time a measurement is made.

What is a Systematic Investigation?

An investigation which takes into account all known aspects of a problem, and produces a result with no 'loopholes'

The systematic name for the compound AlNO33?

Aluminium almost always forms the +3 oxidation state in its compounds, so we do not use a Roman numeral when naming aluminum compounds. The NO3 moiety is the nitrate ion, NO3-. So the name is aluminum nitrate.

What is the systematic name for SiF4?

The naming of SiF4 by IUPAC convention is silicon tetrafluoride.SiF4 is composed of silicon (Si) and flourine (F) with a weight of104.1 grams per mole.

Systematic name for PbO?

PbO has the systematic name Lead(II) Oxide. The roman numeral IIrefers to the +2 oxidation state of the lead atom.

What is systematic soldiering?

This concept is part of the Scientific management theory ( Taylor). Taylor says that workers should be paid according to the amount of production (piecework). He realized that there were problems. Workers wanted to avoid having the piecework pay scale lowered. Therefore, a group of workers would oft ( Full Answer )

What is systematic soldering?

Systematic soldering = people would pressure rate busters (those that speed up productivity and decreased pay rate) to slow down their productivity so the rate would stay up and the productivity would stay down or manageable by the masses. It was a way for people to do the same about of work they w ( Full Answer )

What does systematics mean?

Biologicalsystematics is the study of the diversity of life on the planet Earth, both past and present, and the relationships among living things through time. Relationships are visualized as evolutionary trees (synonyms: cladograms, phylogenetic trees, phylogenies). Phylogenies have two components, ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the systematic and common name for monatomic ions?

Some positively charged monotomic ions, such as iron and copper ions can have more than one charge. For example, iron ions can have a charge of 2 + or 3 + , and copper ions can have a charge of 1 + or 2 + . Today, in the systematic method of naming, we would call them iron (II) and iron (III) ions ( Full Answer )

What are systematized delusions?

Systematized delusions are delusional beliefs that are based in a common theme. For example, a paranoid schizophrenic person may believe that the government is attempting to persecute them. This delusion could lead them to believe that the government is following and spying on him/her. They may beli ( Full Answer )

What is systematic discrimination?

Systemic discrimination involves a pattern or practice, policy, or class case where the alleged discrimination has a broad impact on an industry, profession, company or geographic area.

What is systematic classification?

Systematic classification is a method of organizing, grouping, and ranking items in a set. For example, in biology the hierarchical structure of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, etc., is a systematic classification of living organisms.

What is systematic study?

Systematic Study is a special way to learn school subjects. It is both easy and successful. If you study systematically your grades will improve and you might actually spend less time studying. We think that Systematic Study is smart study. You should study systematically so you can make good choi ( Full Answer )

What is systematic relaxation?

Systematic relaxation is a practice that leads to 'pratyahara' (sense withdrawal) which allows the mind to relax and can lead to better focus. (-'Australian Yoga Life'). The practice of Yoga Nidra (or psychic sleep) is one great way to systematic relaxation.

What is the systematic name of halothane?

Halothane is the systematic name. It has no other name and there would be no point giving a chemical name as it would cause an extortionate amount of confusion in the chemical world of chemists.

What is logical and systematic?

A logical and systematic way of doing something is when you usereason and logic to come to a conclusion in a way that does notwaste time. Using logic means to give reasons for your statementsand a systematic method is using a cause and effect method ofcoming to a conclusion.

What is the systematic name for the compound cl3cch2ch2ccch3?

hey .. well its difficult to answer this question as we don't know the conformation of the molecule, but i will admit that you ment a linear molecule having a triple bond between the fourth and fifth C-atom.1-trichlor 4,5 hexin (important is the -in ending. it stands for the triple bond between the ( Full Answer )

What is systematic persecution?

It is when the persecutions are carried out in a methodical manner, not just a few isolated incidents.

What is systematic research?

Systematic research includes a collection of all research studiesand the findings of the studies. It refers to a critical appraisaland evaluation of all the research studies for a specific clinicalissue.

What is the systematic name of nitric acid?

Nitric acid (HNO 3 ) has a preferred IUPAC name of nitric acid but its systematic name is oxoazinic acid. Its other names are aqua fortis, saltpetre acid and spirit of nitre.

Why research is systematic?

Research is systematic because it follows a procedure. It should be organized when it comes to the process of conducting one. A researcher could not proceed with the methods before he/she has a research problem in mind. Nor he/she could not state the conclusions and recommendations without the metho ( Full Answer )

What is systematic approach?

A systematic approach is a way to handle a problem or situation. It's a carefully thought out plan to a problem. Sometimes used to refer to a tactic in battle.

Why is there a need for systematic naming of living organisms?

Classifying organisms will help explain the great diversity among organisms and how they are related to each other. In order to fully understand our own biological evolution, we need to be aware with the different classifications of organisms. Understanding how we are related, our similarities and d ( Full Answer )

Who was a contributor of systematics?

The answer depends on the time period, and what is meant by systematics. In it's broadest definition, the study of diversification in organisms and their relationships through time, I think that Carl Linnaeus is the most obvious contributor from early naturalists. Willi Hennig, German biologist, als ( Full Answer )

What is the systematic name for NH4 ion?

[NH 4 ] + is ammonium for the ion. For the uncharged molecule it would be nitrogen tetrahydride NH 3 is ammonia or nitrogen trihydride

What is systematic in research?

research systematic it follows an orderly and sequential procedure that leads to the discoveryof truth,solution of a problem,or whatever is aimed to be discovered.

How to teach children the names of the planets in the universe in systematic manner?

There are many mnemonics. The most common is . My - Mercury . Very - Venus . Energetic - Earth . Mother - Mars . Just - Jupiter . Served - Saturn . Us - Uranus . Nachos - Neptune Obviously the names can be changed to suit local cultures. My very easy Mother just se ( Full Answer )

What is the systematic name for Fe2S3O12?

Iron (III) Sulphate. . Fe2S3O12 = Fe2 (SO4)3 Using the stock system, you will need a charge of 3+ on Iron tobalance out the compound.

What is systematic listing?

That is for me to know and you to find out...................dont listen to this person he doesnt even know the answer thats y he didnt type it down and well i dont either but just wanted to put it out there any one smart that knows the answer plz help me i need it bad

What is the systematic name for KCIO3?

There is no such thing as KCIO3. That should be a lowercase L, not an I. (all two-letter element symbols use a lowercase for the second letter) That being said, KClO3 is Potassium Chlorate. K = Potassium Cl = Chlorine O = Oxygen 3 = number of Oxygen atoms in the molecule

What is systematic administration?

Systemic administration is a route of administration of medication, nutrition or other substance into the circulatory system so that the entire body is affected. Administration can take place via enteral administration (absorption of the drug through the gastrointestinal tract) or parental administr ( Full Answer )

What is systematic naming?

Systematic name is a name given in a systematic way to one uniquegroup, organism, object or chemical substance, out of a specificpopulation or collection.Systematic names are usually part of anomenclature.