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Sa Aking Mga Kababata

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yes I have.

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Q: What is the tagalog poem version for your mother tongue by Jose rizal?
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What is the meaning of Rizal's poem Our Mother Tongue?

because he is fluent in speaking in Tagalog he wrote this kind of poem.

Speech of Defense by Jose P Rizal tagalog version?

You can find the Speech of Defense by Jose P. Rizal in many languages. It is not only in English, but in Spanish, and Tagalog.

Who was the first man translate mi ultimo adios of rizal into tagalog version?

Wenceslao Retana

What is meant by mother tongue in the poem to my fellow children?

The most widely accepted message of Our Mother Tongue by Jose Rizal is one of love and pride in one's own culture and language. Loving where you come from and your heritage gives you a sense of identity.

Who is RIZAL in Tagalog?

Rizal is the national hero of the Filipinos.Tagalog Translation: Si Rizal ang pambansang bayani ng mga Filipino.

Is Jose rizal more fluent in speaking spanish rather than in tagalog?

no. not at all. but indeed Rizal can speak fluently in Spanish but of course he would have mastered his mother language more than any language that he knows.

Mother of Jose Rizal?

the mother of Jose Protacio Rizal is pauline

Why was Jose Rizal called Kristong Tagalog?

Dr.Jose Rizal been called as Kristong Tagalog because he is a Filipino Christ in Lahing Kayumanggi.He is our most awaited second Christ in his second coming on earth as Kristong Tagalog as be our SAVIOR when the time comes the end of the world

Who is Jose Rizal's mother?

Theodora Alonzo Realonda Rizal

Who is Jose rizal's mother?

Theodora Alonzo Realonda Rizal

What are the attitudes and values found in the poem to my fellow children by Jose Rizal?

The attitudes and values found in the poem is being nationalistic and loving and using ones mother tongue.

What role of DR. Jose Rizal family especially his mother did for his success?

His family most especially his mother played a big role for Dr. Jose Rizal's success. Jose Rizal's mother was his first teacher, because his mother was an intelligent woman, and she inspires her son (jose rizal). His older brother paciano, was always there to protect his brother (jose rizal).