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ask some person with some animal knowledge Answer I have a problem with the question. Taxon is a noun meaning one of the levels in the classification hierarchy. For example, class, order and family are all taxa. What you probably want is the taxonomy or classification of monkeys. Domain Eukarya Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata Class Mammalia Order Primates Primates include lemurs, apes, tarsiers, bushbabies, humans, lorises and potoos as well as monkeys. There are two parvorders that include monkeys (See Wikipedia, 'Monkey'), Catarrhini and Platyrhini. Patyrhini includes the New World Monkeys and Catarrhini comprises the Old World Monkeys. Examples of monkey genera Papio Callicebus Leontopithecus Macaca Cercopithecus Semnopithecus Callithrix In English, monkeys include Mangabeys macaques baboons leaf monkeys/langurs night monkeys vervet monkeys patas monkeys drills mandrills samango monkeys marmosets tamarins capuchins colobus monkeys guenons
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What is a monkey?

A monkey is a primate with strong grasping hands and feet, sometimes having a long prehensile tail. New World monkeys are native to South and Central America. Old World monkeys are native to Africa and Central and Southern Asia.

What is a taxon?

A taxon is a group of one or more populations of an organism. Thesegroups will eventually form a unit. Group or level of organization into which organisms are classified a group of organisms that is or could be named = species andclades. a taxonomic category,as a species or genus.

What is the most general taxon?

The most general taxonomic rank commonly used is the Kingdom.However, the use of domain as the most general rank has become morewidely accepted.

Where can you get a monkey?

You can get one from private breeders, but it is very expensive,and monkeys are extremely hard to take care of. Also, there arelaws in many states and areas limiting what kinds of pets you canown, so be sure to check your state and local laws first.

What do monkeys do?

they do monkey stuff like swing and trees and eat bannas and groom and that kind of stuff

What can monkeys do?

Monkeys can climb and hang on the trees. They can walk with two feet or 4 feet.

What monkeys do?

will steel keys and will trick each other and will HANG out ( ha ha)

Who are The Monkeys?

Monkeys are a type of primate, related to apes (including humans). The Monkees are a pop rock group, formed in 1966.

What is the difference between taxons and kingdoms?

Taxon refers to any grouping of organisms at any level of classification. Kingdom refers specifically to the largest traditional taxon, which divides the living world into the most basic groups, including the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. An even higher "taxon" might be the domain, which div ( Full Answer )

Do you have a monkey?

If You have a monkey he will or may try to kiss you . and he might like u who knows . please dont say nothin bout monkeys they r CUTE

What are the 7 taxons?

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. In that exact order,u may remember it in the order by keeping in mind the line Keep Pots Clean Or Family Gets Sick,the first alphabet of the words of phrase is similar to taxons...

What is a Lazarus taxon?

A lazarus taxon is an animal that was thought to be extinct at one point, but for a few months, years, or even centuries, the animal is found again. One example is the Coelocanth. It was thought to become extinct millions of years ago, but one specimen in Asia (I think) was found in the 30s. It wa ( Full Answer )

How do you get monkeys?

you properly go to a animal shelter to see if there is any monkeys there

What can a monkeys do?

Any Thing you can teach them i know a monkey that can cook!. Any Thing you can teach them i know a monkey that can cook!. Any Thing you can teach them i know a monkey that can cook!

Where is a monkey from?

It depends, if it has a tail it's a new world monkey from the jungles of south America and the carribean, if it doesn't its an old world monkey from the plains or jungles of Africa.

What taxon comes after the class taxon?

Taxonomy is broken down into 7 major categories: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. In that exact order.\n. \nIf you have trouble remembering this order try to remember the saying:\nKings, Play, Chess, On, Fairly, Grey, Sundays.\nWith each letter beginning with the same letter a ( Full Answer )

Can you be a monkey?

well you are a anilmals we all are so you can be a monkey yeah

Where do you get a monkey?

usally you can get one in africa, or they do sell them online. But you will hava to get a permit before you are able to buy the organism

Where can you get a monkey from?

These are wild primates. They should not be obtained as pets, and many are endangered species which should not be traded as pets.

What new taxon goes above kingdom?

Rank is the relative position in a taxonomic hierarchy. The rankabove kingdom is domain. The rank above domain is life.

Define taxon. Give some examples of taxa at different hierarchial levls?

taxon is a term used to denote any group or rank in the classification of organism. this is the example of human beings in their taxonmic category. eg kingdom-animalia. phylum-chordata. class-mammalia. order-primata. family-hominidae. genus-homo. species-sapiens

What can a monkey do?

Monkeys can do a billion and one things like eat bannanas, bugs, climb trees, play, pick things up with their opposable thumbs and much more!

What taxon includes the most specific characteristics?

Each taxon has a unique set of phenotypic or genotypic characteristics, which is why they are grouped together as a taxon. . There are an abundance of taxonomic groups and it would be extremely difficult to distinguish one as having more specific characteristics. Particularly if they are defined ba ( Full Answer )

Which taxon contains the smallest number of species?

The taxa that contains the smallest number of species is Genus. Thelevels of classification from largest to smallest is Kingdom,Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.

If I am a monkey what are You?

If you are a monkey i am a twilight addict!! hehe um its A monkeyA group of monkeys , but if we're all monkeys were a a group of monkeys?? :P

Where do you get monkeys from?

at any zoo that is willing to sell monkeys, or go into the rain forest and try to trap a monkey, or you can go to a tropical store with tropical animals

What can monkey do?

they jump,they swing from tree to tree,they eat bananas and other fruits. what else do u want to know bout monkeys except the simple things

Is a Rind Tailed monkey a monkey?

If you are referring to the ring-tailed lemur , then no, it is a lemur and not a monkey. Both lemurs and monkeys are types of primates, but they are distinct groups.

If you are a monkey what will you do?

Try to work my way up the established hierarchy, survive, eat, sleep, and pass on my genes through a female to ensure that my legacy hopefully lives on.

What is the largest taxon of parasitic protists?

Four main groups of protozoa (parasitic protists) are recognized onthe basis of their locomotion using specialized subcellular andcytoskeletal features. Amoebae are the largest taxon group.

Is an order a taxon?

No. A taxon is one or more groups of organisms. An order is one of the many specific ranks available to classify taxa under. While it is true that an order consists of a group of organisms, it doesn't refer to the organism itself, it's just a hierarchical naming system; thus, isn't a taxon.

What are the taxons in order from largest to smallest?

The taxa in order from largest to smallest are domain,kingdom,phylum,class, order, family, genus, and species. Taxonomyis the hierarchical system of classification from the mostinclusive taxon to the most exclusive taxon. It was developed byCharles Linnaeus.

Were you monkeys?

well we developed from apes. If you go to a museum you might see a skeleton of an ape then one of us and you can see how alike we are to apes. But no we weren't monkeys. we developed from apes.

What is another animal with the same taxon as a cheetah?

Cheetahs are felids, like lions, leopards and margays. They're carnivores, like dogs, bears and wolverines. They're mammals, like whales and pigs. They chordates, like tuna, pythons and ducks. Those are higher taxons. The cheetah's genus and species is Acinonyx jubatus. All cheetahs are rather close ( Full Answer )

How do you make a monkey on monkey on Monkey Quest?

Go to "monkeyquest" then click the create account button, then after you fill in the information it will take you to the create your monkey screen, AFTER you download monkey quest.

What does can monkey do?

warn prey if there is a predetor, they have close family's, they swing on tree's, they mate.

How might taxon classification change?

In regard to plant taxonomic classification, the classificationscan and do change as more research is carried out. Taxonomy justmeans the grouping of similar organisms together.

What 2 taxons are used in an organism's scientific names?

The standard scientific naming system, binomial nomenclature, uses the genus and species name, in italics: Genus species . If additional information is necessary for identifying an organism, the lower taxa subspecies/variety and breed/subvariety may be used: Genus species subspecies "Breed . "

What Is A Lazarus Taxon or Living Fossil?

A Lazarus Taxon or (more commonly known as) A Living fossil is a species whose is believed to be extinct but is seen again after the year it "became extinct". A widespread-known Living fossil is the coelocanth, a large fish that was believed to be extinct millions of years ago but one was found in ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a living fossil and a lazarus taxon?

A living fossil is an animal or plant that is living but all the other members of it's family are extinct (mainly from millions of years ago). An example is a coelacanth, a large fish that in which, nearly the whole of it's family is extinct but there is 2 surviving ones. Another example is the gink ( Full Answer )

Why are organisms placed under taxon?

Living things are organized in taxa (plural of taxon) based onphysical characteristcs and sometimes other factors. The reason whyrelates to the need for biologists to organize creatures intogroups; so in the broadest sense taxonomy is an outgrowth of thepurest form of science, which is observation. ( Full Answer )