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These instructions will teach you exercises so you can juggle 3 balls. The first few exercises are not complete juggling patterns, but are exercises that will teach you to juggle.

One Ball Exercise: Start with one ball. Throw the ball in an arc from hand to hand about eye level. The pattern will be an arc, not a circle.

Two Ball Exercise:Start with one ball in each hand. First toss the ball in your right hand (1) in the arc to about eye level to your left hand. When this ball (1) reaches the highest point in it's arc . . .

throw ball (2) in an arc from your left hand to your right. Catch (1) in your left hand, Then catch (2) in your right hand. Stop.

Do this same exercise, except start with your left hand instead of your right. Practice until you can do this smoothly.

Common mistakes include throwing two balls in a circle, or throwing both balls at the same time.

Juggling 3 Balls: Start with 2 balls in one hand (1&3) (in this case the right hand, but if you are a lefty, use your left hand) and one ball (2) in the other. Start by throwing the ball in the front of your right hand in an arc to your left hand.

When ball (1) reaches its highest point, throw the ball in your left hand (2) in an arc to your right hand. Catch (1) in your left hand. This is like the two ball exercise. When the ball thrown to your right hand reaches its height . . .

Throw the ball from your right hand (3) in an arc to your left hand. Catch (2) in your right hand. This move can be difficult. It is often helpful to roll the ball (3) in your right hand to the front of your hand with a slight downward motion of the hand before you throw it.

When that ball (3) reaches its highest point, throw the ball in your left hand (1) in an arc to your right hand. Catch (3) in your left hand. And so on . . .

Problems and Solutions:

  • I move forward as I juggle.

    This is a common problem. Stand in front of a wall, or a bed to keep you from moving forward.

  • I can't throw ball number (3), I just catch ball number (2).

    Concentrate on throwing ball number (3). Do not even try to catch ball (2).

  • The balls keep hitting/there isn't time for to make the throws.

    Concentrate on making your throws an even height at eye level.

The Half shower: Instead of having the balls cross in the standard 3 ball pattern, throw a ball from the right hand over the rest of the pattern. When it comes down, continue juggling. Do this for a throw or every throw; from either hand, or both hands.

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Q: What is the technique for juggling three balls?
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