Juggling involves the manual manipulation of objects, commonly balls, which are continuously being tossed and caught in various patterns.

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What moment were you most proud of so far?

Every good show makes me "proud", but receiving a silver medal at the most prestigious newcomer circus festival in Paris as the first german diabolo juggler was a special moment for sure...


What are juggling balls made of?

Juggling balls can be made of a very wide variety of materials. They can be broken down into different categories: Beanbags, stage balls, and Russian balls.

Beanbags are a soft bag packed with many small pieces of something. The most common beanbags that can be found in most variety stores are filled with millet, and coated in a thin plastic. They are normally four colors, one for each panel: red, green, yellow and blue.

Despite being the most easily accessible, it is rare to see an experienced juggler using those balls. One level up in quality leads to balls that use vinyl or imitation leather. These are still filled with millet, and are also four panels. Colors of this kind of ball varies because vendors who carry this kind of ball often have many colors available.

Higher quality beanbags normally have six panels, and use either an imitation/real suede or leather coating. It is worth noting that other types of beanbags are available (with fillings such as birdseed, rice, or plastic shavings) and sizes can be customized within reason by most beanbag-specific vendors.

Stage balls are normally made of a hard plastic or rubber, and have either a hollow or less dense center. Hybrid balls such as MMX balls are also common, where a hard outer shell is filled with millet.

Russian balls are another kind of hybrid, and are a fairly recent trend in juggling. These balls include a hard outer shell and are only partially filled with a very viscous filling. This filling can range from salt to liquid silicon. Many jugglers make their own Russian balls.

There are other balls (silicone balls, acrylic balls, glow balls, etc.) but they are less common, especially when learning juggling.


What does the idiom juggling your time mean?

It is in unison with time management. When you have good time management you can juggle your time well.


Who is the girl in the metamucil commercial juggling?

suzi barrett


What are juggling bean bags made out of?

they are bags filled with sand...........................................................i think


What is the technique for juggling three balls?


These instructions will teach you exercises so you can juggle 3 balls. The first few exercises are not complete juggling patterns, but are exercises that will teach you to juggle.

One Ball Exercise: Start with one ball. Throw the ball in an arc from hand to hand about eye level. The pattern will be an arc, not a circle.

Two Ball Exercise:Start with one ball in each hand. First toss the ball in your right hand (1) in the arc to about eye level to your left hand. When this ball (1) reaches the highest point in it's arc . . .

throw ball (2) in an arc from your left hand to your right. Catch (1) in your left hand, Then catch (2) in your right hand. Stop.

Do this same exercise, except start with your left hand instead of your right. Practice until you can do this smoothly.

Common mistakes include throwing two balls in a circle, or throwing both balls at the same time.

Juggling 3 Balls: Start with 2 balls in one hand (1&3) (in this case the right hand, but if you are a lefty, use your left hand) and one ball (2) in the other. Start by throwing the ball in the front of your right hand in an arc to your left hand.

When ball (1) reaches its highest point, throw the ball in your left hand (2) in an arc to your right hand. Catch (1) in your left hand. This is like the two ball exercise. When the ball thrown to your right hand reaches its height . . .

Throw the ball from your right hand (3) in an arc to your left hand. Catch (2) in your right hand. This move can be difficult. It is often helpful to roll the ball (3) in your right hand to the front of your hand with a slight downward motion of the hand before you throw it.

When that ball (3) reaches its highest point, throw the ball in your left hand (1) in an arc to your right hand. Catch (3) in your left hand. And so on . . .

Problems and Solutions:

  • I move forward as I juggle.

    This is a common problem. Stand in front of a wall, or a bed to keep you from moving forward.

  • I can't throw ball number (3), I just catch ball number (2).

    Concentrate on throwing ball number (3). Do not even try to catch ball (2).

  • The balls keep hitting/there isn't time for to make the throws.

    Concentrate on making your throws an even height at eye level.

The Half shower: Instead of having the balls cross in the standard 3 ball pattern, throw a ball from the right hand over the rest of the pattern. When it comes down, continue juggling. Do this for a throw or every throw; from either hand, or both hands.


What is the world record for juggling one soccer ball continuously?

4 hours, 27 minutes. Type in "Extreme soccer ball juggling diagnoluk" into the YouTube browser for a more detailed report on the record.


What is the maxuim of juggling balls at once?

The current official world record lies at 13 balls simultaneously. 14 rings is the maximum number of objects juggled by one person simultaneously.


How juggling makes you smarter?

With hand-eye cordination it simulates the brain.


What is the definition of juggling a soccer ball?

'Juggling of a soccer ball' is the action of striking a soccer ball multiple times, whether by a singel person or by a pair or group, in what would be considered a legal fashion when done during a soccer game, so that it remains in the air or balanced on a person themselves.


What is the world record of juggling the most balls in ping pong?



Is juggling a soccer ball hard?

Kinda it depends if the soccer ball is light or hard.


What is the real name for juggling balls?

there really isn't a real name for them. they're just called juggling balls.


What do you put in juggling balls?



What size balls should you get for a beginner ion contact juggling?

Since this was unanswered I decided to help out. The average size is 3 inches or 76mm although 100mm/4 inches is also widely liked I think that 3 inches/ 76mm is a better starter ball because that is a good fit for the average sized hand. If you have larger hands go for the 100m/ 4inch ball. If you have small hands or are more petite then go for a 2.75 inch/70mm ball. Any smaller i would think is for children only. Hope this helps you beginning contact jugglers out also do not i repeat do not go and buy fushigi balls. For the reason why watch this video http://www.youtube.com/user/DeI2anGeD#p/a/f/1/whDi2ANLjg0.


Does juggling a soccer ball workout your legs?

Yes! I use to be able to do 500 consecutive juggles on my knees and let me tell you, it's like running... You get winded very easily... It's great workout!!


Does juggling the ball improve ball control?

yes it improves your ball control a lot.


What is the name of an old juggling game sometimes called devil on two sticks?



What is the world record for juggling the most balls?

The record of most balls is 11, clubs is 12, and rings is 8.


Is juggling two balls considered juggling?

No, although there are many definitions of juggling, the one that i think is the best is throwing and catching more balls than you have hands.

For example you have two balls and two hands, so it is not juggling. using 3 would be juggling as you have more object than hands.

Although you may mean juggling two balls in one hand. in which case that is juggling as you are using one hand and tow balls


Does Pip get Katie in Juggling with Mandarins?

No he gets friendzoned but they end up not talking!!


What do you need to learn before beginning three-ball juggling?

Good hand-eye coordination and to perfect juggling 2 balls.


Who created juggling balls?



Where can you get juggling beanbags?

Look on the internet for juggling equipment stores, such as Jugglebug, Dube, Renegade, Squeezit, etc.

You can also check out the International Jugglers Association, who have many advertisers that sell juggling props.

Sometimes Borders Books sells a "how to juggle" book and beanbag set.

You can make your own by filling the end of an old sock with dried beans, birdseed, bee-bees or a combination, then sewing the sock shut and cutting off the extra.

When teaching, I make a small slit in old tennis balls, fill them with cheap bird seed (use a funnel)...the slit closes when you take out the funnel, then cut the neck off some party balloons and stretch them over the tennis ball to completely cover the ball. This makes round "bean bags" that are a good weight, don't bounce, are colorful and can be cleaned.

For a good weighted beginner juggling ball, try lacrosse balls found at any sporting good store. Dog balls work too. Empty tennis balls are not good to learn on. They are too light and bounce out of hand too easily, making learning more difficult.


Is Juggling part of musical theater?

no that is drama


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