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You should be able to use this link to obtain the dialing code.

I tried calculating from Dublin to Toulon, and got this:

=== ===

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What color are telephone boxes in France?

in the north blue and south yellow

Where in Dublin Ireland do telephone numbers begin with 511?

Mostly downtown, on the south side of the River Liffey

What are the surrounding countries to UK?

The UK is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland. Immediately to the south of North Ireland is Ireland. France is to the east of England across the English Channel.

What is the currency in south Ireland?

"South Ireland" is just Ireland and they use the Euro

What three countries have strong socialist parties?

Germany, France, Switzerland, Nepal, Angola, South Africa, Ireland

Why Switzerland Sweden Spain Portugal and Ireland were neutral in world war 1?

They were all neutral in WWII. Ireland was a part of the UK in WWI and Portugal was eventually on the side of France and the UK in WWI south of Ireland

Is Co Laois North or South Ireland?

It is in the south midlands of Ireland.

Is Carrauntoohil in the north west south or east of Ireland?

It is in the south of Ireland, more precisely the southwest of Ireland.

Is Mullingar north or south or east or west of Ireland?

It is actually in the midlands of Ireland, close to the centre of the country, so it is not in the north, south, east or west of Ireland. It is in the Republic of Ireland, which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Southern Ireland" or the "South of Ireland".

A country next to Britain?

To the North-West - Iceland To the West - Ireland To the South - France To the South-East - Belgium and The Netherlands To the East - Denmark To the North-East - Norway

Is mullingar in north or south of Ireland?

Geographically it's in the midlands of Ireland, in the county of Westmeath. When you refer to south of Ireland, you are asking if it is in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. Mullingar is in the Republic of Ireland.

Where was the titanic destined for on its maiden voyage?

New York, via Cherbourg in France and Queenstown (now renamed Cobh) in the South of Ireland.

Where on the Europe map is Britain located?

It is a large island off the north west coast of Europe, with Ireland to the west of it and France to the south of it.

Where have the rugby world cups bean held?

Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, France, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

What ocean is south of Ireland?

There are several bodies of water by Ireland, however there is not a ocean south of Ireland, but rather a sea. It is the Celtic Sea that is south of Ireland. The others are: North Atlantic Ocean (West, North, and South-West), Celtic Sea (South to South-East), and the Irish sea (East)

Is Dublin in South Ireland?

Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland, often informally referred to as "Southern Ireland" or "The South" by some people. Geographically it is on the east coast of Ireland.

Is Ireland south of the equator?

No. Ireland is north of the equator.

Is Ireland south of England?

No. Ireland is west of England.

Is Ireland in the South American region?

No. Ireland is in Europe.

What is France south of?

France is south of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Who has made a bid for the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

France Ireland Italy South Africa The decision is made in May 2017 who will host

Where is Swords in Ireland south or north?

Swords is in the east of Ireland, close to the city of Dublin. Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland which some people incorrectly refer to as the south of Ireland.

Are the Republics of Ireland and South Africa in the British Commonwealth?

Ireland is not a member. South Africa is a member.

Why is there no queen in the south of Ireland?

Because the south of Ireland is an independent Republic with a President as a head of state

Are both Antarctica and Ireland south of the equator?

No. Antarctica is south of the equator. Ireland is north of the equator.