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Snow Leopards live at very high elevations, usually in the mountains. They have developed the ability to survive in very cold temperatures. A common temperature for their habitat is -25 degrees C (-13 degrees F).

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humid sometimes hot and dry

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Q: What is the temperature like where the snow leopards live?
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What is the temperature where snow leopards live?


How are snow leopards adapted to the snow and ice?

They have a thick and warm coat, that adapts them to cool temperatures. In fact, snow leopards like to live in higher altitudes because of the cold temperature.

What does it look like where snow leopards live?

It is very cold, and the air is thin where wild snow leopards live in the Himalayas.

Do snow leopards live in prides?

Yes, snow leopards live in dens.

Do snow leopards live any where near wolves?

Snow leopards do not live near wolves but other leopards might.

Do snow leopards live in rain forests?

No! They're snow leopards, they live in cold places.

Can snow leopards live without snow?

Snow Leopards can live without snow but they are more specialised to hunting in snow so it would make a difference.

Do snow leopards like where they live?

most likely .. because some animals like it warm and others like it a little bit cold . Snow leopards look like they like where they live because the snow matches their fur and it can help them blend in and hide from predators and prey . if it is snowy .

Do snow leopards live in the tropical rain forest?

No they live in higher elevations like mountains.

What do people need from snow leopards like in food clothing etc.?

Humans don't need anything from snow leopards. Snow leopards don't need anything from humans either. But problems arise when they live in the same area.

What are facts about the snow leopard's ancestors?

The direct ancestors of snow leopards were the other Asian leopards that live in the lowlands. It must have taken hundreds of generations for the leopards to fully adapt to the extreme conditions in which the snow leopards live today.

Snow leopards live in Africa?