What is the temperature of lava?

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Most lava or magma types will fall in a temperature range of 1300-2400oF (700 to 1300oC). It all depends on the type of lava.

It depends on the type of lava. Basaltic lava, the most common type, is 1,800 to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Other types of lava are cooler. The lowest temperature lava is the carbonatite lava, found only at the volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania is about 950 degrees Fahrenheit. Well,Rock turns into lava at 600-1200 Degrees Celsius, So maybe 800 and higher the temperature of Lava from Hawaiian Volcanos is about 1150 Degrees Celsius.

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What temperature does lava vaporize?

The answer depends on the composition of the lava.

What causes lava to be fluid and runny?

Silica content of lava, as well as the temperature of the lava.

Can lava be cold?

No. Although some kinds of lava are hotter than others, no lava is "cold." The lowest temperature lava in the world, the carbonatite lava of Ol Doinyo Lengai, has a temperature of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you measure lava temperature?

with a thermocouple

What happens when the temperature of lava increases?

When the temperature of lava increases, its viscosity will decrease. Viscosity is a measure of the magnitude of internal friction of a substance.

Does the temperature of the water affect the reaction of a lava lamp?

Yes. The temperature of the liquid and the wax both affect the action of a lava lamp.

What temperature does lava cool at?

The most common lava, basaltic lava, generally solidifies at around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

What can change to viscorsity of lava?

The viscosity of lava depends on the lava type ie minerals in original melted substance and temperature

Can you open your eyes in lava?

No, you cannot open your eyes in lava. The temperature of lava is extreme and it would burn anything it touches.

Is acid hotter then lava?

As far as temperature, lava would win hands down.

Are fire and lava almost the same temperature?

No. "Fire" is super-heated air; lava is molten rock. Lava is much hotter.

How is hawaiian lava different from composite cone lava?

Compared with the lava in composite volcanoes, hawaiian lava has a slow silica content, is runny, and erupts at a higher temperature.

Name two factors influence the viscosity of a lava flow?

the steepness of the volcanoe and temperature of the lava.

What is the temperature of an average volcanoes lava?

The average temperature is around 700 to 1600oC.

What is the temperature of the surface of the sun compared to the temperature of lava?

Lava is typically around 700 -> 1,200 oC whereas the surface of the Sun is around 5,500 oC.

What temperature does lava melt?

lava is already liquid. I think youmight mean to ask "what temperature does rock melt?",in which case most of the time it is 700c- 1,200c

Is there lava in the middle of the planet Mars?

yes, there is loads of lava on mars. The average temperature is 78 degrees

At what temperature does lava solidify?

That depends on the composition of the lava. Temperatures range from about 700 to about 1,000 degrees Celsius.

What different aspects of lava would a geologist examine?

Geologists would study what the lava was composed of. They would also study where the lava came from and what its temperature was.

At what temperature does rock become lava?

at 600 to 1200c

Can lava temperature be measured at 1000 degrees?


Lava temperature in Fahrenheit?

1300-2400 Fahrenheit

What makes lava red?

Extremly high temperature.

What happens to the viscosity of lava as the temperature increases?

it decreses

What is the hottest temperature of lava ever recorded?

It can be at 10989

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