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Approximatly 49F , anywhere in between 43 and 56...

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39 degrees Celsius

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Q: What is the temperature of the Twilight Zone?
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Which zone is the Twilight Zone?

The twilight zone is the one under the sunlit zone

Are puffer fish In the twilight zone?

Are they in the twilight zone

Do octopus live in the Twilight Zone?

no sea things do not live in the twilight zone

Does the Twilight Zone get any light?

the twilight zone get little light

What is the duration of The Twilight Zone?

The duration of The Twilight Zone is 1500.0 seconds.

What animals are in the twilight zone?

Bella, Jacob, and William live in The Twilight Zone.

Pix of the twilight zone?

go to google images and type in twilight zone

Why is the Tower of Terror in Tokyo DisneySea not related to the Twilight Zone?

The Twilight Zone is not known very well in Tokyo. Therefore, it is not related to the Twilight Zone.

Why are there large temperature changes in the Twilight Zone?

Absence of solar radiation and heat. It usually is colder at night, right?

What plants are found in the Twilight Zone?

Plankton plants are found in twilight zone of the ocean

What zone does the loggerhead live in?

twilight zone

Is the Twilight Zone Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a pure simulation ride?

i dont think it is no