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"Have worn" is the present perfect tense of "wear".

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What is the past tense of worn?

"Worn" is the past participle of "wear". "Wore" is the past tense.

What is the future perfect tense of wear?

The future perfect tense of "wear" is will have worn.

What is the past tense for ware?

The past tense is wared.If the question was meant to say wearthen the past tense is worn.

Is worn a noun?

no it is a past tense verb

What is the past tense and past participle of wear?

The past tense is wore and the past participle is worn,

What is the past participle of the word wore?

Present Tense - WEAR Past Tense - WORE Past Participle - WORN

Past tense of wear?

worn Also, "wore", as in "I wore my blue dress yesterday." To use "worn" in a sentence, "I had already worn my blue dress."

What are synonyms for drawn?

tense, worn, stressed, tired, pinched, haggard

How do you spell woren in the present tense?

The past tense of wear is wore. The past participle is worn. Woren isn't used as either. The present tense of wear is wearing.

What is the past tense of wearer?

The word wearer is a noun, not a verb, and so doesn't have a past tense.The past tense of the verb wear is wore. The past participle is worn.

What is the past participle and past tense of wear?

wore worn.wear wore wornI wear these socks everydayI wore these socks yesterdayI have worn these socks all week

What are two past tense forms of wear?

Wore and worn. Ex) She wore that pink shirt yesterday. or Ex) Those pants were worn by my mother.

How do you spell where as in Where out?

The homonym "wear" is used in wear out (to lose function or use).The past tense is worn out.

What is the past tense of wear in this sentence All the jacks have wear snowshoes every day this winter?

It should be "have worn", and it's not past tense. It's present perfect.

Past perfect tense of wear?

* infinitive: wear * past: wore * past participle: wornPast Perfect is formed like this: had + past participlePast Perfect: had worn

Is wore a common noun?

The word 'wore' is the past tense of the verb to wear (wears, wearing, wore, worn).

What kind of verb is wear?

The verb wear is a future tense verb. This is because it describes that you will be wearing something not that you are currently have worn it.

How do you spell the past tense of wedgie?

Wedgied, as in, "They wedgied me so hard my underwear ripped off."

What is a synonym for spent?

The past tense "spent" (to spend) has the synonyms paid, disbursed, purchased, bought, or expended. The adjective "spent" means worn out, exhausted, or consumed.

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