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Q: What is the tense of he ran fast to catch the bus?
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Why do the words ran to catch the bus not make a sentence?

The phrase "ran to catch the bus" contains no subject.Examples of complete sentences:He ran to catch the bus.Mrs. Jones ran to catch the bus.The kids ran to catch the bus.All sentences need:a subject (this is a person place or thing that does the actiona verb (an action)The original phrase does not say who or what did the running.

What is the past tense of ran?

The past tense of ran is ran. The future is run. The present is running. Had Run, had ran.

What is the past tense of stand and ran?

The past tense of stand is stood. Ran is already in the past tense. The present tense is run.

Can you write a sentence that has a simple verb using the word fast as a verb?

The monk was told to fast before mattins. The cheetah ran too fast for him to catch.

Is ran present tense?

past tense

What is the past tense of runs?

The past tense of run is ran. The past participle is run.

What is the future tense of ran?

The future tense is will run.

Is ran in the past or present?

Ran is the past tense.

What is past tense of ran?

Ran is the simple past tense of "run". The past participle is "run". e.g. the horse ran the entire track.

Is it ran out or run out?

That depends. "Ran out" is past tense, and "run out" is present tense. Yesterday, I ran out of sugar. I hope I don't run out of sugar.

Will be run or will be ran?

"Will be run": the verb "run" is its own past participle.

Is ran a noun or adjective?

The word ran is the past tense of the verb 'to run', which can be used with a singular or plural subject. Examples: I ran... You ran... They ran... Everyone ran...