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A Civil Rights Worker seeks to protect personal freedoms within the process of criminal justice.

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Q: What is the term for a person who seeks to protect personal freedoms within the process of criminal justice?
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What are the steps in the criminal justice process?


What is Philippines criminal justice system?

The criminal justice system, essentially, is the system or process in the community by which crimes.

What are the characteristics of criminal law what are the exception?

The characteristics of criminal law are to provide order, issue punishments, and provide due process. Some exceptions include those which limit personal freedoms and conflict with religious beliefs.

How punishment philosophy can affect the criminal justice post-conviction process Include a description of how sanctions are related to punishment philosophy and used in the criminal justice field?

define punishment philosophy and how it can affect the criminal justice post-conviction process

What is the difference between criminal justice process and criminal justice system?

The criminal justice system is a physical entity comprised of agencies (like the police and criminal courts) which are in place to deal with criminal activity. The criminal justice process is the way that a case will be investigated, and the suspect will be brought to the courts, given a fair trial, sentenced, and the suspect will serve that sentence. So the system is the group of organizations meant to work together to carry out the process.

Who in the criminal justice process do people deal with the most?


How would you define criminal procedings?

Criminal proceedings refer to the procedures in which the justice system uses to process a criminal.

What are the most visible agents fo the criminal justice process?


Which stage of the criminal justice process is an adversarial process that pits the prosecution against the defense?


Which model of criminal justice is concerned with individual rights?

Due Process Model

What is the role of law enforcement agencies in the criminal justice process?

Enforcing the law and bringing those who do not to justice in the courts.

How the restorative justice difers from contemporary criminal justice processes?

There are several ways that restorative justice differs from contemporary criminal justice. For example, restorative justice views criminal activity more comprehensive. This process recognizes that not only do criminals harm victims, but that they all harm communities and themselves.

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