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The term is "abolitionist".

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How did people oppose or support slavery?

oppose - mean support - needed it

Is it true that Uncle Tom's Cabin caused people to be slavery?

Just the opposite, the novel inspired people to oppose slavery.

Why did people oppose the war with Mexico?

They did not want slavery to continue unchecked.

Why did free workers in the north oppose slavery?

Because people wanted to.

What were the Quakers beliefs about slavery?

why did Quakers oppose slavery

Did the south favor or oppose slavery?

The South favoured slavery

Why did slaves oppose the US war with Mexico?

More southern lands only assured the long term continuation of slavery.

Why did so many people eventually oppose the Mexican War?

They grown to oppose the war because there was a great deal of suffering involved and they were worried about slavery.

Did roger taney oppose slavery?


Did Charles summer oppose slavery?


Which party was formed by people who oppose slavery and to support the election of Abraham Lincoln?

the Republican Party

Did Lincoln or Douglass oppose to slavery?

Neither of the two were opposed to slavery.

What term was given to people against slavery?

People who wanted to abolish slavery were called abolitionists.

Who stopped slavery in Maryland?

yes, they did oppose.

Did john brown oppose slavery?


What policy did the highland Scots oppose?


Was William Penn against slavery?

Yes, Quakers were among the first to oppose slavery.

What were Abraham Lincoln's status quo?

he fought against Stephen Douglas, civil war, and the people who did not oppose of slavery.

Why was the Republican Party established in 1854?

Oppose Slavery

Why did some northerners oppose abolishing slavery?

Their was no money

Why did yeoman farmers not oppose slavery?

Because they were yeoman.

Why did southerners oppose the election of Lincoln?

Southerners felt that Lincoln would oppose slavery in new states, attempt to end slavery where it already existed, and oppose any attempt by a State to secede over any state in the country.

Did Charles Summer support or oppose slavery?

No (New respondent) He opposed slavery. And he was 'Sumner', not 'Summer'.

Where the founding fathers against or for slavery?

I think it depends on where the Founding Father is from. Some are from the southern states where slavery is a main part of money. Some are from the North where people strongly oppose slavery since they are all people in a way. Most of them were against slavery; however, a couple were very vehement about keeping slavery in the Declaration of Independence.

Did Patrick Henry oppose slavery?

No, he owned 16 slaves.

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