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Its mobilization.

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Q: What is the term for preparing for war?
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When did Germany start preparing for war in World War 2?


What is the medical term meaning specialist in preparing and dispensing medications?

A pharmacist is a specialist in dispensing and preparing medications.

Was preparing for war the main reason for Hitler's economic policies?

only slightly. preparing for the war was just one of many reasons for Hitler's economic policies.

What was life like in Europe in 1914?

In 1914 Europe was preparing for war, this meant life was tough because money was being spent on the armies, weapons and fuel for the up coming war. Long term and short term problems had been stockpiling for a while. The spark was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, when he died war boke out.

What Public opinion in favor of preparing for war was swayed by what?


What happened to Anahuac?

travis was preparing for war with mexiacn troops

What if you are at peace are you preparing for war?

you go eat some cheese

Public opinion in favor of preparing for war was swayed by .?


What interrupted the protestants and Catholics as they were preparing for war against another one?

World War 1

What leader suggested that Britain should be preparing for war?


What were Spartan boys trained to become from a young age?

soldiers preparing for a war

What was it like Preparing for Battle in World War 1?

preparing for battle was verry hard we had to force men into the war from proganda poster otherwise the be called cowards, food was shortened and we had to deal with the strees on what our soilders were doing or having to do