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Q: What is the term for two waves interacting with each other?
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What term means 2 waves interacting?

Interference. It can either be destructive or constructive.

What is the meaning of uniplexed?

Uniplexed is a term used in social networking. It is when individuals interacting know each other by only one connection.

What are the other term for the term tsunami in other language?

harbor waves and tsunami for japanese language

What is the term for a substance that a wave can travel through?

For light waves the term is transparent, but there are probably other terms in the case of sound waves, water waves, seismic waves, etc.Another term used is the medium, but electromagnetic radiation is an exception as it needs to medium to propagate it.

A term used to describe the number of waves passing a certain point in each second?


Define the term sound waves?

Waves of sound.

What is it called when two waves overlap?

When the crest of one wave overlaps the trough of another, this produces destructive interference. If both original waves are equal in amplitude, then nothing will remain. The waves completely cancel out. However, if one waver is larger in amplitude, then there will still be a wave left over after they meet, but it will be smaller. The amplitude of the new wave will be the larger wave amplitude minus the smaller wave amplitude one. The opposite can also occur. If the crests of two waves overlap, then it produces constructive interference (resulting in one larger wave).

What term is defined as the population is a very species interacting in a given area?


What pattern are involve in multiplying binomial?

You multiply each term of one binomial by each term of the other binomial. In fact, this works for multiplying any polynomials: multiply each term of one polynomial by each term of the other one. Then add all the terms together.

What does the term WIMPs stand for when talking about a graphical interface?

Weakly Interacting Massive Particles

What term is defined as all the population of various species interacting in given area?


When scientists talk aboutelectromagnetic radiation what are they really describing?

Electromagnetic radiation is also known as electromagnetic waves. That are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. Electromagnetic energy is a term used to describe all the different kinds of energies.