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Q: What is the term used for the layer of loose heterogeneous weathered material lying on top of the bedrock?
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Is a solid layer of rock lying beneath Earth's soil layer. Bedrock: Is the source of rock and mineral fragments that make up soil. Is not weathered if it is not exposed to wind and water. 

Soil profile?

A soil profile is a vertical section of soil that ranges from the surface to the bedrock. Each layer of a soil profile  is referred to as a soil horizon.Horizon O is the top layer, where organic material is presentHorizon A is top soilHorizon B is subsoilHorizon C contains weathered rock.

What is soil horizon c?

C Horizon is The Regolith. It Is the Layer Beneath the B Horizon(Subsoil) And Above The R Horizon (Bedrock). It is consists of slightly broken-up rock/bedrock. Plant Roots do not penetrate into this layer; Very Little Organic Material is Found in this Layer. t is also a layer of loose, Heterogeneous material covering solid rock.It includes Dust,soil, broken rock, and other related materials as is present on Earth and other heavenly bodies. Hope this Answer can Help.

What is layer is partly weathered rock?

Regolith is the name for the layer of partly weathered rock.

Which layer of soil is made up of only partly weathered rock?

parent material

What is the horizon layer?

the horizon layer is a layer that separates the soil layers. For and example O horizon which is litter ,A horizon which is topsoil ,B horizon which is subsoil , C horizon which is weathered bedrock and R horizon which is unweathered bedrockI Love All My Ask Friends Peace Myah Is Out!!!!

What kind of material is found in the C horizon of a soil profile?

The A horizon in soil is typically made up of mineral and organic material. In some instances the A horizon is only 2 to 3 inches deep, although it can be much deeper if the land has been plowed.

What is the layer of rock beneath the soil?

== == This layer is called bedrock.

What is the deepest layer in soil?


What name is given to solid rock beneath the soil?

== == This layer is called bedrock.

What is the solid layer of rock beneath the solid?

== == This layer is called bedrock.

A thin layer of weathered rock humus air and water?

Soil is made up of a thin layer of weathered rock, humus, air, and water.