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The outer ring is either n=the number of ring it is, or just plain say "the outer shell."

The proper term is VALENCE, the outermost shell = valence shell, outermost electrons = valence electrons


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the electrons in the outermost shell of an atom are considered to be the valence electrons.

Valence electrons are the electrons in the outermost shell. They are the electrons available for bonding and generally determine the number of bonds an atom can make

Electronegativity is the term used to describe an atom that tends to attract electrons.

It refers to the energy levels in an atom where the electrons that participate in bonding occupy. These energy levels correspond to those of the s and p orbitals of the outermost shell of the atom being considered.

The term valance shell refers to the number of electrons in the outermost orbit so by taking that we can consider hydrogen has no valance electrons because the hydrogen atom has only two electrons and the first electronic orbit can hold that much number of electrons in it.

No. it is the term used to tell the electrons in an atom.

An electron cloud is a general term to describe the distribution of electrons around an atom. Do you mean how many orbitals does Be have?

Its called charge.If an atom has an excess of electrons it is an ion (-)If an atom has a deficiency of electrons it is a cation (+)

No the term needed is microatomic.

Oxydation: loss of electrons Reduction: gain of electrons

The term which means the amount that a given atom (or radical) attracts electrons is electronegativity.

the force of an atom to attract it's valance electrons.

The term used to indicate how strongly an atom attracts electrons in a chemical bond is "ELECTRONEGATIVITY".

The term "electron cloud" was coined by an American physicist named Richard Feynman. The electron cloud model is a visual representation of the possible locations of electrons in an atom. It is known that electrons are found on orbitals around the nucleus and this model visually allows us to picture the probable locations of the electrons around the nucleus.

Chemists use the term valance to describe the number of electrons that a given element would need to gain or lose, to complete its outer electron shell.

The term 'valence electron' is used to describe the outer most electrons of any given element.

Energy level means the circular path or ORBIT around the nucleus associated with electrons, while orbit also means the same thing. It does not really matter which term you use to describe the path of the electrons in an atom.

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