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Q: What is the tern for simple compounds that contain only two elements?
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What is the term for simple compounds that contain only two compounds?

binary compounds

Do chemical compound contain only one element?

No, compounds contain two or more elements. These elements are bond by ionic or covalent bonds. Compounds have a single chemical composition.

What three elements do organic compounds contain?

Organic compounds need contain only one element, carbon. Please see the link.

How are elements and compounds the different?

Elements contain only one type of atom (atoms with the same number of protons). Compounds contain more than one element, and thus contain atoms with different numbers of protons. Compounds can be converted into elements, but elements are not reducible to anything simpler (besides subatomic particles).

Can a binary compound contain five different elements?

Bianry compounds are defined as having only two different elements.

What compound is NaI on the periodic table?

Periodic table contain only chemical elements not compounds.

Are molecular compounds usually non-metals?

Yes, most molecular compounds do not contain metals. (The term "nonmetal" properly applies only to elements, not compounds.)

What a simple compound that contain only two elements called?

A binary compound.

How do elements differ from other materials?

Elements contain only one type of atom, where as compounds are made up of different types of atoms.

Does sugar exist as atoms only?

No, it is a compound. Compounds are made up of elements, and elements are made up of atoms.

Compounds can be separated into their constituent elements only by what reaction?

Compounds can be separated into their constituent elements only by a decomposition reaction.

What law explains relationships between different chemical compounds that contain only the elements carbon and oxygen?

This is the law of definite proportions.