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Pluto's surface is dark orange and charcoal black. It is very rocky and coated in nitrogen ice.

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What does the terrain of Pluto look like?

Pluto is thought to resemble Neptune's moon Triton.

Does Pluto have a terrain?

ask your mama

Is Saturn gas or terrain?

Saturn is a gas planet. The only planet after Mars that is a terrain planet is Pluto (which is technically not a planet at all, but a dwarf planet).

What is the terrain of Saturn like?

Saturns Terrain is like Jupiter's. It is a sandy clay sort of terrain.

What terrain does Uruguay have?

they like a flat terrain like a platue

Is there is life on Pluto?

Currently, no life has been discovered on Pluto. Pluto is extremely cold, and has no proper atmosphere. This makes the idea of life there unlikely. However, like everything, there is a possibility of life. There could be life forms suited to the harsh cold and terrain. However, right now, there have been no expiditions on Pluto, so we cannot be sure of the possibility of life there.

What was the terrain like in Mesopotamia?

What is the terrain of mesopotamia

What was the terrain like in ancient rome?

A mountainous terrain

What is the terrain like in the Sahara desert?

What is the desert's terrain

What is the terrain like in Africa?

The terrain in Africa is rocky and Dry. The terrain in Africa is rocky and Dry. The terrain in Africa is rocky and Dry.

What is the terrain like in Cuba?

the terrain in cuba is very rocky i think.

What was the terrain like in the battle of Sommie?

The terrain was gentle swelling hills

What do Pluto look like?

pluto is a yellowish color

What is Fiji's terrain like?

Fiji's terrain can be to mountains to tropical forest to beaches

What are temperatures like on Pluto?

temperatures of the Pluto is about -230 Celsius

What is the atmathear like on Pluto?

there is nothing called atmathear on Pluto

What is the terrain like?


What does Pluto smell like?

pluto smellls like your mumit smells like unwashed socksit smells like fish.

What is terrain like is Ecuador?

its like mountains

Which outer planet is not like the others?

Pluto is not like the other outer planets. Pluto is a mystery.

Why does Pluto look like the moon?

Pluto does not look like the moon, unless you have a very big imagination. Pluto is brown and white, and covered with ice.

What is most of the terrain like in Egypt?

Most of the terrain in Egypt is rolling scrubland desert.

What is life like on Pluto?

Pluto has a thin atmosphere, composed of nitrogen

What is the weather like on planet Pluto?

The weather on Pluto is extremely cold.

Does Pluto planet have clouds?

No , Clouds on Pluto it's like a Astoroid

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