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Water does not have a texture. Texture is the look and feel of something, so water does not have one. A texture example would be the smooth surface of a stone.

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I'm suprised

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What kind of texture does water have?

yes it does!

Why does water change the texture in cornstarch?

you have added the mix with the water

Can you use soil texture in a sentence?

soil texture deterimines how much water soil can hold

Texture of vinegar?

Its a liquid... It has the same texture as any other liquid. ============================================== NO the above is incorrect, if you equate "texture" with "feel" then oil does not feel like water yet they are both liquids. Vinegar feels like water.

Why is a soil's texture important in determining how the soil absorbs water?

The soil texture is important because only its mineral components will help us to know the permeability of water through them which determines the permeability of water in a particular type of it is important to know abt the texture......

What is the texture gallery in PowerPoint?

Texture gallery is a gallery of textured wallpapers. Mattress, water, carpet are some of the textures.

Explain the texture of water?

i dont know smooth

What is the manatees texture?

Put a football into water and then touch it.

What is the texture of the leaves of water hyacinth?

Waxy and glossy

What are the properties of soil?

water absorption, color, texture, and fertility

Can a texture hopper apply stucco?

A texture hopper is unable to apply stucco. Texture hoppers are used to apply water soluble textured material to ceilings that are not a sand/mortar based material.

Is change in texture physical or chemical?

Texture is a physical change because for example, if you feel ice, it is sometimes a smooth and sometimes scratchy surface. Then, water, the melted version of ice is a soft, wet texture. Hope i helped =)

Does limestone have a chemical texture detrital texture or an organic texture?

crystalline texture

Which texture of sedimentary rocks is formed when water evaporates?

puttin de merd

Why won't water appear in the LB Photo realism minecraft texturepack?

It won't appear because you are most likely using an outdated LB Photo realism texture pack, or the water has not been added as a block on the texture.

Is rain water heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Rain water is a homogeneous mixture. This is because all of the water that falls is uniform in texture, appearance, and scent.

What is the difference between actual texture and visual texture?

Actual texture is texture that you can feel, whereas visual or implied texture is when something looks like it has a texture it does not. For instance, the actual texture of a painting may be smooth, but the visual/implied texture may be rough and bumpy.

What is visual texture?

Visual Texture is texture that is not touchable but can be seen.

Why does water in minecraft stay default when I use texture packs?

Its a fluid block. you need mcpatcher to change water or lava.

Can flamingos drink boiling water?

yes in facct they can inside there mouth is a substans with the texture of rubber and can with stand boiling water

What is the definition of actual texture?

Actual texture is texture which may be physically felt. Implied texture is texture that may be seen only, as in a painting. For instance, while the smooth texture of a statue or the uneven texture of a painter's brushstrokes are actual texture, the rough-appearance of a table in a still life painting is implied texture.

What helps sharks reduce water turbulence and increase swimming efficiency?

the texture of their skin

Can celery be chopped and frozen?

Yes, but the texture will be affected by water crystals that expand when frozen.

How is fresh water abtained in antarctica?

use fuel and burn the snow into a liquid texture

What is the texture of oxygen?

It has no texture.

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