What is the the difference between a rainbow and a desert?

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A rainbow is something that appears in the sky after it rains and it has colors. A desert is a hot or dry area with no rain.
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What is the difference between a desert and a valley?

A valley is wet and moist while a high desert such as susanville ca is dry it can rain and snow in both valleys and deserts thier isn't much of a diffrence besides the fact that a dessert usually has below zero whether in the winter and is more likely to have snow while a valley doesn't reach as low ( Full Answer )

What was the difference between desert storm and desert shield?

Desert Storm was the operation that commenced actual hostileactions against the Iraqi military for the invasion and annexationof Kuwait. Desert Shield was the five month period prior in whichforces were moved into position for the defense of Saudi Arabia.

What is the difference between desert and forest?

Deserts are areas of very little rainfall. Organisms living there are able to survive on very little water . Logically, organisms in a rain forest likely use a great deal of water for survival..

What is the Difference between Rainbow trout and lake trout?

The lake trout is larger, darker, and is more likely to be found in large bodies of water than the smaller more colorful rainbow. The rainbow is primarily a fish of cold water steams and rivers, but is sometimes found in lakes,where it can attain huge size.

What is the difference between a dune and a desert?

A dune is a mass of sand that is moved and shaped by the wind, regardless of location. . A desert is an area of low precipitation, with plants and animals adapted to arid conditions. Deserts are not necessarily hot. Antarctica is considered to be a desert, as are the high plains of the Andes mount ( Full Answer )

Difference between a savanna and a desert?

The difference is that deserts are more dry and have less rainfall than a savanna. The savanna has clumps of trees while the desert usually can not support much plant life.

What is the difference between deserts and glaciers?

A glacier and a desert are both void of drinkable water that is easily accessed. There are both areas that animals have had to adapt to live in. A desert just has little rain fall and is hot, a glacier has little snow fall but has lots of frozen water that is of no use for drinking. It is very cold ( Full Answer )

What is the different between Antarctica and deserts?

In deserts, the snow melts at summer time, however in Antarctica, the snow never melts. (From Starprof): No, that isn't exactly true. I observed melting snow at McMurdo Station in late summer. The air temperature was about 40 F. Also, some snow disappears due to sublimation. If the term desert means ( Full Answer )

What are difference between tundra and desert?

Tundra is frozen permenately ground, but desert is wen the ground is super hard because of no rain. There are many differences between the two e.g. it rains more in the Tundra. In the Hot Desert it is a lot dryer and it hardly ever rains. It snows in the Tundra whereas in the Desert you could on ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between a pond and a desert?

well a pond has water and a desert is dry also that a desert has what is called a rain shadow effect it is caused when a mountain takes all the rain water and because the mountain takes all the water from the rain the air reaching the other said is hot. i it weren't for does mountain there won't be ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between rainbow trout and German brown trout?

Rainbow trout are silvery in color and are far more common in the Western United States. Rainbow trout are the main trout planted in the Western United States. Rainbow trout resemble small salmon and they do not have spots like the Brown trout (or the Brook trout.) Rainbow trout come in two ma ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between hot deserts and cold deserts?

A desert is defined as a place that has less than 250 mm (10 in) of annual rainfall. Therefore both Antarctica (cold desert) and the Sahara (warm desert) fall into this classification. Cold deserts have low temperatures, hot deserts have generally high temperatures.

What are the differences between a tundra and a desert?

Tundras are FREEZING, like literally and deserts are dry. Both are hard to have plants in, because they need special adaptations, along with animals. Tundra- only a few plants can grow. Permafrost, a layer of ice over soil blocks plants. Animals can live, but need thick fur coats and should migrate ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the Arctic and the desert?

Most of the Arctic consists of sea ice and not land. Much of theland that is found in the region is tundra coverd with permafrost.Only a few inches of this permafrost thaws during the short summermonths. The desert, especially the hot desert, has a greatervariety of plants and animals, does not have ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between chaparral and desert?

Chaparral is a shrubland or heathland plant community foundprimarily in the U.S. state of California and in the northernportion of the Baja California peninsula, Mexico. It is shaped by aMediterranean climate (mild, wet winters and hot dry summers) andwildfire, featuring summer-drought tolerant plan ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the two types of deserts?

The two main deserts I assume you are talking about is hot and colddeserts. The difference between them is temperature (warm moderatesummers for hot deserts, low rainfall.) Cold deserts may havesnowfall and much lower temperatures in the winter. Summers in colddeserts may get quite hot, however.

What is the difference between the rainbow loom and the cra-z-loom?

The Rainbow Loom is the original, authentic rubber band loomingtoy created by Cheong-Choon Ng in 2010, and patented in 2011. It ismanufactured to strict quality and safety standards. The pin barscan be arranged in several different configurations for variouslooming projects. Additional pin bars, rep ( Full Answer )

What is the different between crazy loom and rainbow loom?

They really are, all in all, the same. A main difference is that the rainbow loom has removable peg rows, and so can be made into different shapes. The crazy loom is a bit bigger than the rainbow loom, but they are both high quality looms.

What is the difference between the woods and the desert?

There are several differences between woods and desert. One majordifference is trees. Another is that deserts are typically verydry, while forests need to have consistent access to water in orderto keep the plants alive. Deserts often also have plants (not allof them are pure sand), but the plants a ( Full Answer )