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Mary Downing Hahn wrote Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

deep dark and dangerous' author is Mary downing hahn

Deep and Dark and Dangerous is by Mary Downing Hahn. The paperback has 192 pages. The Clarion hardcover also has 192 pages.

to always tell the truth right from the start. the book is about sissy and how she wants to have a burial and basically have Emma and alis mom admit what they did . hope this helps!

im not so sure but i know she wrote some books like the ghost of crutchfeild hall and the doll in the garden and deep and dark dangerous i know she writes more but those are the ones i have herd off so if your up for some ghost storys Mary Downing Hahn is great

From what i have heard, yes, she does. Ive seen interviews and it seems like she is very happy with her job. I have read many of her books such as: All of the Lovely Bad Ones Doll in the Garden Closed for the Season Deep Dark and Dangerous Time for Andrew. She specializes in writing scary and mystery books.

It's the theme from the tv show knight rider.

Hahn = cock; cockrel Hahn = tap (GB); faucet (US) Hahn = spigot Hahn = valve

No, Kathryn and Jessica Hahn are not related.

Joseph Hahn goes by Mr. Hahn.

Kenneth Hahn was not Mayor Hahn. S.S. "Sammy" Hahn was not related to L.A. City Mayor James Hahn or Mayor Hahn's father, L.A. County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn. S.S. Hahn was a Russian immigrant; Kenneth Hahn's family emigrated from Germany through Canada.

Some great books I have read are the Airborn trilogy, Silverwing trilogy, and lots of books by Gordon Korman. Check out my blog at, where I have reviewed my favorites.these books are great for young adults, there adventurous and fun interesting books specially for preteens who don't read much:the cirque du freak series by Darren ShanThe outsiders by S.E. Hintonthe series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicketwait tell Helen comes by Mary Downing HahnDeep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn

mary u write really awsome books i love ur book eep and dark and dangerous and i have been tryin to find ur book wait till helen comes but i cant find it because i live in a small town.

Edith Hahn Beer's birth name is Edith Hahn.

Bernd Hahn has written: 'Bernd Hahn' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

No, violinist Hilary Hahn is not married.

She is married to Jared Hahn

Ludwig Hahn was born in 1908.

Ludwig Hahn died in 1986.

Kimberly Hahn was born in 1957.

Frank Hahn was born in 1925.

Malcolm Hahn died in 2010.

Daniel Hahn was born in 1973.

Kenneth Hahn died in 1997.

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