What is the themometer does jam have?

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How do you make jam?

Super Quick Strawberry Jam Ingredients 1kg Strawberries (hulled and rinsed) 1kg Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar A Knob of Butter (10g) . Crush strawberries coarsely with a potato masher or blender. . Place strawberries and sugar in a large, heavy based 6 litre pot. . Heat mixture over a low hea ( Full Answer )

Who invented the mercury themometer?

The mercury thermometer was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.He had invented an alcohol thermometer years earlier. In 1724, heintroduced the Fahrenheit temperature scale.

How does a themometer work?

A theomometer measures how hot a room temperature is or how hot someone is by putting it in someones mouth or measuring room temperature by placing it on a clear surface in the room.

What is certo for jam?

Certo is a brand of fruit pectin that is used in making jellies and jams to produce a more gelatinous set - so it isn't runny. It has been available in both liquid and powder form.

What ingredients are in JAM?

the basic ingredients of a jam are the pulp of the fruit, sugar and the preservative. Preservatives differ according to the fruit used. citric acid can be used to prevent crystallization of sugar.

What is transmitter jamming?

Intentional interference with a broadcast. It could be another transmitter on the same frequency or a device that generates other electrical pulses that cause bad reception in the vicinity.

How do you use a themometer?

stick the thermometer in your mouth and hold it under your tongue til it beeps if its an electrical one, if not then do the same but wait for about a minute or two. then check the thermometer

Home made themometer?

The safe way is to go to your local Pet shop adn ask for a fish tank thermometer. What you will get for your money is a piece of plastic abut the size of your thumb. One side will be sticky so you can attach the thermometer to the side of the tank. The side you can easily read is marked off with a g ( Full Answer )

The way in which themometers measure temperature?

All 'old' thermometers measure temperature as a difference between the thermal expansion of two substances. Every substance expands at a slightly different rate. Mercury, for example, expands at a large and consistent rate; while glass hardly expands at all. This makes them a very accurate combin ( Full Answer )

What color is jam?

red or purple . The color of jam depends on the color of the fruit it contains. Apricot jam is yellow/orange, strawberry jam is red, blackberry jam is deep purple, etc.

Where were the jam from?

The Jam were originally from Woking, which is in the county of Surrey in England, circa '72 - '82.

List of themometers?

The thermometer is a device that measures temperature or temperature gradient using a variety of different principles; it comes from the Greek roots thermo , heat , and meter , to measure. A thermometer has two important elements: the temperature sensor (e.g. the bulb on a mercury therm ( Full Answer )

What is jam made out of?


Who is jam?

a powerful super lord Actually, jam is a fruit preserve. Fruit preserves are fruits, or vegetables, that have been prepared and canned or sealed air-tight for long term storage. The preparation of fruit preserves traditionally involves the use of pectin as a gelling agent, although sugar or honey ma ( Full Answer )

How do themometers work?

by the metallic coeffeictent of expansion of mercury. When mercury gets warmer it "spreads out" (expands) when it cools it "shrinks".

What is the red stuff in the themometer?

The red liquid in a thermometre could either be alcohol, dyed red; or a substance called mercury, which is very toxic. Hope I helped :)

What is a sea themometer?

It is a thermometer that measures in deep sea environments where normal thermometers would be crushed by the enormous pressure!!!!!

Is jam good for you?

no added sugar jam is but if it is not no added sugar jam then it has a ton of sugar in which is bad for you.

Is there bacteria in jam?

Yes there is...But it does no harm to the jam it just helps, the bacteria releases water and into the jam. When this happens its called Osmosis.

What can you put jam on?

Bagles or kfc your choice and your fancy but me and my dad like to smuther each other in jam strawberry of course but penut if you dare then belly jive

How do you make a homemade themometer?

That's easy...all you have to do is get dye(any color will do) water, clear straw(any other color will not work) and a glass jarwith a sealing lid . Then you combined the water and dye together put it in the glass jar, punch a hole through the lid(has to be big enough for the straw and small enou ( Full Answer )

What are 'cold jams'?

a cold jam is a beat which is generally in the genre of dance or hip hop that simply cannot be denied by anybody. Grimy in it's style, the rhythm hits hard and therefore creates bodily movement.

Is jam a protein?

No it is not :it is part of the fruit and vegtable cause jam is usally rasberry flavored or strawberry flavored!i know a whole lot about food

Is jam a soild?

Jam can be solid, it is more likely to expressed as a Suspension or a Gel

What are jams?

Jams and preserves are thicker, made by cooking fruit, pectin, and sugar until the texture is almost a puree

What is jam used for?

jam is a substance normally spread on toast/or bread for some spastics now it is oftenly used for lubrication for Samuel burtons mangina. ennit tho

Why is jam nice?

It is nice because it is sweet and human beings, as are all primate, are attracted to sweet things.

What state did Galileo invent the themometer?

Galileo did not invent the thermometer. He invented and developed several kinds of thermoscopes, which are a related but distinctly different class of instrument.

Is jam a confectionery?

It can be called a confection as in a sweet preparation of fruit or a conserve.

What is a printer jam?

It is the result of a tricky process of jumping on your printer until is is just a big, useless mash and then adding sugar to create a lovely tasty jam. ;)

What is iit-jam?

IIT JAM is an engineering entrance exam which is open for allundergraduate students who want to pursue higher education. Thisexam is the deciding factor for admission for Masters of Scienceprogram in Indian Institute of Technology.

How do you get out of a jam?

Unscrew the cap and climb out of the jar. Wash away stickiness with a good long shower and soap.

Do different themometer give different temperatures?

They're not supposed to do that, any more than two rulers should give different lengths. If two rulers give different lengths, or two scales give different weights, or two thermometers give different temperatures, then at least one of them is wrong, and maybe both are.

How do you describe jam?

Like jelly, but smooth and easier to spread. It also doesn't have big pieces of fruit in it.

Is jam acidic?

Generally, yes; however, there are a few fruits that are slightly basic (alkaline), such as avocados and bananas.

What can you do on Animal Jam?

you can break the ice in mt shiver and rise the temple in the lost temple of zios you can notbreak the bridge in coral canyons

Is jam a noun?

Actually, jam is a sweet spread or preserve made from fruit and sugar boiled to a thick consistency. Jam is both a verb and a noun: The noun jam, a singular, common noun, is a word for a fruit spread or someone, something wedged into a tight space, or a line of blocked vehicles, concrete nou ( Full Answer )

How you get an animal jam?

Go to the Animal Jam home page . On the top there should be a strip that has home, membership, shop and stuff, and there's a word that says "play" click on it and it will take you to where it says "create an animal". Click on it . Create a name and an animal you would like . Put when you were bo ( Full Answer )

What is Animal Jam?

Animal Jam is an online computer game that takes place in the worldof Jamaa. People can play as different animals, including wolves,pandas, dolphins and more. However, there is a limit to non-memberplayers, but it is not so limited as so they cannot do anything.Any member has the freedom to talk to ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to jam?

To jam has several meanings: . To press, squeeze or wedge tightly an object into a small space . To bruise or crush by squeezing or grabbing . To fill something tightly - to cram . Press, push or thrust violently or heavily . To fill, crowd or block (traffic jam) . To become stuck or wedged ( Full Answer )

How do you get jam in jam donuts?

you use a special syringe to squeeze it into the middle of a whole donut, with no hole in it just w! :) that was cool smiley face lol

How is food jammed?

Food is jammed by the act of preserving it into a "jam". These aremade by boiling or simmering the food until it thickens or reducesto a syrup.

How do they get the jam in the donut?

Typically, bakers take a pastry bag filled with the jam and put thetip into one of the sides of the doughnut and squeeze about one totwo tablespoons in, depending on the size of the doughnut.

What is jamming in sewing?

When someone experiences a "jam" while sewing, this usually refers to their sewing machine "jamming" or locking up. A sewing machine has many moving parts. These can jam when fabric or thread gets caught in the parts, preventing them from moving. When the machine jams, it often makes loud straining ( Full Answer )