What is the theory of Einstein about Parallel Universes?

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That somewhere in the universe somehow there is us but different as we may be robots or be wizards that the world is not as it seems. That our normal is what they wish to understand and be apart of just we would love to be apart of there world. You would have to most likely travel on the pretty colours in Antarctica to reach these places you would also have to find a very high frequencies of energy. The reasons no one has tried is because it is extremely dangerous.

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Q: What is the theory of Einstein about Parallel Universes?
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What are the names of the parallel universes?

Parallel Universes are a theory.

Are there really parallel universes?

there is a theory that there are. the choice is up to you! Einstein said that Schwartzchild wormholes may be a gateway to alternate universes the math is quite complicated but on paper it is quite possible ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Theoretically, we do have parallel universes, and some [although not alot] of evidence supporting this theory has come up. Actually, even though the notion seems entirely ludicrous, there is some serious math behind the parallel universes theory or the many-worlds interpretation.

Could everyone have their own parallel universe?

In theory there are a infinite parallel universes, one for each possibility.

When was Parallel Universes - film - created?

Parallel Universes - film - was created in 2001.

What is a parallel lind?

The parallel lind is Basulinds answer to the multiple universe theory. Basulind can destroy all universes with multiple linds covering the lyers of universes in super-string theory. Basulind has devised a deadly WMD lind that is intertwined in super-strings to give super-lind-string theory!

How many parallel universes are in the universe?

3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation of ekpyrotic theory. According to ekpyrotic theory, our universe and its creation stems from the collision of two "branes" that could theoretically and literally represent parallel universes. According to Julian Barbour, an infinite number of parallel universes exist, since every time a decision is made on either the microscopic or macroscopic level, a bifurcation is created leading to the birth of a new "universe". Long answer short, minimally 2 parallel universes, maximally infinit.

Will there ever be another universe?

According to some, there are infinite parallel universes. (String theory) However, in the sense of our perception of space, no.

How can you explore parallel universes?

You can't. If parallel universes do indeed exist - and this is not exactly proven - they would probably be unreachable for us.

What actors and actresses appeared in Parallel Universes - 2014?

The cast of Parallel Universes - 2014 includes: Liran Nathan as Aden

Where is it possible to learn about parallel universes?

To learn about parallel universe theory and quantum physics, visit the following websites: Quantum Jumping Blog, PBS and Scientific American. These websites provide articles and information about the latest discoveries in parallel universe theory.

Are there infinite parallel universes in the multiverse?

Theoretically, there are infinite parallel universes in the multiverse, however it is not necessarily widely accepted that the multiverse exists.

Does the christian religion acccept the theory of parallel universes and has it been proven fact?

Parallel universes is not something confirmed in science, or even generally accepted. As to the Christian religion, I would say that (1) each Christian church has its own opinions about different scientific topics, and (2) parallel universes is not such a "hot topic" that would have made Christian thinkers worry about whether it is theologically acceptable, etc.

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