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Q: What is the thing filling the space between concrete slabs called?
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Why are pieces of rubber placed between slabs of concrete?

Concrete expands and contracts depending on the temperature. The strips are called expansion joints.

Why should large concrete slabs be laid with expansion so that they are not touching?

because large slabs of concrete have expansion joints between them.

What do you put between slabs after laying them?

in between existing concrete and the new concrete you need to place an expansion joint in between the two.

Why do concrete slabs have space between them?

Those are expansion joints. During the changing seasons with varying temperatures, the slabs expand and contract. The spaces allow the slabs to expand without cracking the concrete.

What are concrete slabs used for in construction?

Concrete slabs are a common building material. Sometimes they are re-enforced with steel roods for extra stability. Concrete slabs are either prefabricated or created insitu.

What concrete grade is used for slabs?


How do you increase an existing concrete slabs thickness?

You must form on top of the existing slab and drill in anchors to join the new concrete to the old this is called a cap

Where can one purchase concrete slabs?

Concrete slabs can be found at local scrap yards. However, you can visit Home Depot and Lowe's for information on how to create your own concrete slab for a cheaper price.

What are non-suspended slabs?

Non suspended concrete slabs sit on the ground directly. They are different from suspended slabs because suspended slabs are above the ground and are supported by beams.

What has the author R H H Kirkham written?

R. H. H. Kirkham has written: 'The compaction of concrete road slabs' -- subject(s): Concrete slabs, Testing, Vibrators, Vibrated concrete

What was the colosseum roof made of?

marble and concrete slabs.

How do you cut post tension concrete slabs?