What is the third kind of corporation according to their legal right to corporate existence?

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Why do corporations exist?

The reason that corporations exist is to serve people. They arethere to provide jobs, services, products, and benefits.

What are the corporations that exist in the Philippines?

Among the top corporations in the Philippines are: . Manila Electric Company . National Power Corporation . San Miguel Corp . Petron Corp . Pilipinas Shell Petroleum

When does a corporation exist?

A corporation exists when a company comes from being owned by a single person, to being owned partially to whoever buys stocks in it. The company will basically sell itself ou
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What are kinds of corporation?

There are 3 kinds: S corporation, C corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC)
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What does forfeited existence mean for Corporations?

Forfeited Existence - An inactive status indicating that the corporation or limited liability company failed to file its franchise tax return or to pay the tax due thereunder
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Is corporate infocom legal company?

yes...corporate Infocom is a legal company...it is registered by the company act..
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Does the Umbrella Corporation exist?

While there are several companies on the planet called "Umbrella", no, the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil franchise is fictional.