What is the third kind of corporation according to their legal right to corporate existence?

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What are the legal requirements of a corporating business?

Answer . At the most very basic lever, you can form a corporation by filing Articles of Incorporation with the appropriate state agency. You then need to adopt bylaws and you will also need shareholders to invest in the corporation and elected a board of directors. The board of directors then e ( Full Answer )

What is a corporation?

A corporation is a legal entity registered with the state in whichit is formed. A corporation is owned by stockholders (the peoplewho buy shares of stock issued by the corporation). The stock of apublic corporation can be purchased by anyone through the stockexchange where the corporation is listed. ( Full Answer )

What does a legal department generally do in a corporation?

\nRisk assessment, particularly related to the regulatory environment that a company operates in. Reviews documents that have legal consequences (e.g. contracts) to the firm. Responds to legal actions against the company.

Why do corporations exist?

The reason that corporations exist is to serve people. They arethere to provide jobs, services, products, and benefits.

How do you find the names of the legal owners of a corporation?

Corporations must file incorporation documents, which would namethe incorporators/owners, with the office of the secretary of theirstate. These documents are public record. Start by contacting yoursecretary of state's office.If you do not mind paying to find out,you can also use a private financial ( Full Answer )

What is the legal life of a corporation?

The legal life of a corporation is the length of time that thecompany is in business and holds a legal status. A company can onlybe as old as the company in which it is started. For example, acompany formed in the United States cannot be any older than July4th, 1776.

What are the corporations that exist in the Philippines?

Among the top corporations in the Philippines are: . Manila Electric Company . National Power Corporation . San Miguel Corp . Petron Corp . Pilipinas Shell Petroleum There are, of course, dozens, if not hundreds more.

Does a corporation have a right to freedom of speech?

Yes, they do and they use it very forcefully. Incorporation creates a "legal person" with such rights and pertections of a real human being. If you ever get a chance I would recommend you watch "The Corporation". The documentary goes into much better detail then I can here and you can also watch the ( Full Answer )

What are corporations?

A corporation is a group of individuals, created by law or under authority of law, having a continuous existence independent of the existences of its members, and powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members.

What kind of life does a corporation have?

A corporation isn't an organism; therefore, it doesn't have a life.An organization is an entity, which can be sued and has the abilityto make money.

What is the minimum legal age to open a corporation?

There is no minimum or legal age for a person to be able to open acorporation. Minors must visit their local branch to discuss thenature of the business of interest before opening a businessaccount.

What are The Benefits And Penalties of Corporate Right-Sizing?

The benefits of right-sizing are efficiency and cost reductions bystreamlining equipment, services and labor. The downsides are fromincreases in unemployment, reduced office diversity, and hard toquantify losses from human experience of senior staff that were letgo.

When does a corporation exist?

A corporation exists when a company comes from being owned by a single person, to being owned partially to whoever buys stocks in it. The company will basically sell itself out to the public, which can cause problems with the stockholders wanting more and more growth in the company. A lot of the tim ( Full Answer )

What is a 'corporation'?

1. A body that is granted a charter recognizing it as a separate legal entity having its own rights, privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members. 2. Such a body created for purposes of government. Also called body corporate. 3. A group of people combined into or acting as one ( Full Answer )

Are flags legal to use in corporate logos?

This depends on where you do business and which flag or flags.. Some countries restrict or prohibit the use of their national flag in this way, but won't necessarily bother about some other flag.. You need to consult an attorney in each country where you plan to do business, and give him a list of ( Full Answer )

Which is not a right of the common stockholder in a corporation?

Which is not a right of the common stockholder in a corporation? a. the right to vote in the election of the board or deirectors b. the right to receive a minimum amount of dividends c.the right to sell their stock to anyone the choose d. the right to share in assets upon liquidation

Why to have corporation?

A corporation shields one from personal liability. A corporation can keep ownership confidential. A corporation may have income tax advantages.

What kind of company is corporation?

A corporation is a legal structure that enables the individuals the ability to contribute and pool resources, capital, and labor in order to get a profit.

Is corporal punishment legal in japan?

It is not legal in schools, but is legal outside of it, with the exception of some cities, who have banned the practice by local law.

How can you describe man existence as an individual and corporate?

All men are absolute individuals. These thorough individuals participate in groupings, which can be called corporations, communities, etc. These groupings are behaviors and affiliations, not prat of the inherent or intrinsic nature of man (or men).

Why is a corpor?

A corporate design is the official graphical design which Most organisations have. This can be seen in the logo and name of a company or institution used on letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, business cards, advertising, websites, company vehicles and, of course, their products. Th ( Full Answer )

What does forfeited existence mean for Corporations?

Forfeited Existence - An inactive status indicating that the corporation or limited liability company failed to file its franchise tax return or to pay the tax due thereunder. Status is changed by secretary of state when certification of the delinquency is received from the comptroller of public ac ( Full Answer )

Is mid's eight marketing corporation legal?

oo legal sila isa silang private company nag papabayad sila sa aplicant ng 500 for i.d , accedental insurance at for weekly allowance .sa cty land shew tower

What kind of corporation is scana?

Scana is a natural gas and electricity provider serving North and South Carolina and Georgia. They provide services to residential, builders, real estate agents and commercial entities.

What kind of corporation is the nevad llc?

"The Nevad llc company is one that helps other companies with the complicated process of becoming incorporated. They know all the laws of the charter, and will speed up the process, and point you in the right direction."

Does the Umbrella Corporation exist?

While there are several companies on the planet called "Umbrella", no, the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil franchise is fictional.

What is the legal document that grants legal recognition to a corporation?

That document likely has different names in different jurisdictions but it is generally known as a certificate of incorporation. A corporation must file a written articles of incorporation, sometimes called a charter, with the state. That document details its major components and may include o ( Full Answer )

What kind of corporation is CTS?

CTS could stand for many different things. Chinese Television System is among the corporations that use this acronym. It was founded in 1971 and current airs between 40-60 programs ranging from news to entertainment.

What kind of company is Certex Corporation?

Certex Corporation is a company that provides lift and safety products. These include everything from hoists to slings to fall protection harnesses. They also provide safety classes.

What kind of company is an LLC corporation?

An LLC corporation is a limited liability company. This means that the company gives the owners the ability to assume less liability if something were to happen.

What kind of a service is corporate catering?

Corporate catering is a dining service designed to serve large businesses for both special occasions, such as meetings, openings, parties, etc., and long-term daily use. Companies can order food and beverages to be delivered with staff to entertain and feed guests and workers.

What kind of company is Peabody Energy Corporation?

The kinds of company that Peabody Energy Corporation is defined as would be a coal company. They are the largest private sector coal company in the world also claim to provide sustainable mining and clean coal solutions.

What kind of products does the Univex Corporation make?

The Univex Corporation produces and sells restaurant equipment and supplies. Some of their products include supermarket quality meat slicers, pizza ovens, food processors and bread makers.

What kind of corporation is Carlson Companies?

Carlson Companies is a conglomerate corporation that serves thousands of consumers in the travel and hospitality industry. Carlson is also one of the largest privately owned companies in America.

What kinds of corporate gifts can be bought online?

Corporate gifts that include business monograms or logos are a great way to thank employees or clients. Typically, golf balls, pens, watches and gift cards all make great gifts and can be found at a variety of sites, including Things Remembered.

What kind of corporation is CONMED?

ConMed Corporation is a global technology company that specializes in the development and the sales of the products and services. It allows our physician customers to deliver high quality care.

What kind of company is Cintas Corporation?

Cintas Corporation is a company that provides highly specialized services to all kinds of businesses. They do everything from uniforms , entrance mats, restroom supplies and other services.

Did corporations exist before the civil war?

A few did, but it was much more difficult to obtain a corporatecharter in those days. Nowadays all it takes to make a corporationis to write up a certificate of incorporation, amounting to maybe apage and a half of boilerplate, file that with the secretary ofstate in the state where you want to do b ( Full Answer )