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To my knowledge this is all still correct. I suspect the company is privately held. If I find out otherwise, I will update this. Good thinking, whoever asked the question.

1. Tokyo Marui is a Japanese airsoft gun manufacturer. Although its main market is that of Japan, its guns are sold world-wide through a number of third party retailers.

Tokyo Marui is not listed on the Japanese, American or Canadian stock exchanges.

2. There is no U.S. stock symbol for this company. However, I have provided you with the company address and owner:

Tokyo Marui Co.,Ltd.
4-16-16, Ayase
120-0005 Adachi-Ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: +081-336053312

OWNER: Iwao Iwasawa

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Q: What is the ticker symbol for Tokyo Marui airsoft?
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Where can you get Tokyo marui airsoft guns in Toronto?

The internet. There are many online Airsoft stores that sell Tokyo Marui guns.

Is a Tokyo Marui M14 flash hider compatible with a UTG airsoft rifle?


What is a cheap good quality airsoft gun?

If you are looking for a spring pistol, go for any Tokyo Marui High Grade Hop Up models. If you are looking for an AEG, go for the Tokyo Marui G36c.

What is a okay airsoft p90?

Go for Tokyo Marui (TM) or Classic Army (CA) FN P90.

Are Tokyo Marui spring airsoft pistols stronger than KWC?

possibly in quality by a little but not in performance.

When was Tokyo Marui created?

Tokyo Marui was created in 1965.

Advisable battery for airsoft m4 carbine?

8.4 Volts Tokyo Marui Mini-s type battery

What is the most durable airsoft gun?

I have been lead to believe that the brand is either G&G or Tokyo Marui.

What are big top brand airsoft gun companies?

KWA, VFC, G&G, Classic Army, Tokyo marui

Does a Tokyo marui mag fit other mp5?

only if the mp5 is a Tokyo marui clone. if it is a clone then it should be able to use any Tokyo marui accessory or part, because it is an exact replica of the Tokyo marui.

Is the Tokyo Marui Full Auto Tracer fully compatible with all air soft guns?

No, only with a few Marui selected models, or with airsoft guns that have a threaded barrel of the same size.

Does Tokyo marui put an orange tip on their guns when shipping to California?

Yes, all airsoft guns are shipped with orange tips.