Tokyo is the capital of Japan and home to more than 13 million people.

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Are they canceling the 2020 Olympics?

No, at least not for now. There is some speculation that this year’s games in Tokyo will be threatened by the coronavirus outbreak. Recently, the longest-serving member of the International Olympic Committee said that if the virus wasn’t in control by late May, a cancelation is a distinct possibility, but that right now, it’s business as usual.

A cancelation is more likely than a postponement or a location change because of the sheer scope of the Olympics, but keep in mind that heretofore, they’ve only been canceled because of World War II in 1940 (which, spookily enough, were also set to be in Tokyo).

Barring any further catastrophes, the Tokyo games are set to start July 24, 2020.

Flight Times

How many hours flight from Manila to Tokyo?

3hr 55min to 4hr 15min Manila (MNL) to Tokyo Narita (NRT) by a nonstop flight operated by Northwest Airlines, Philippine Airlines or Japan Airlines.

History of Japan

What was Japan's capital city in 784?

Nagaoka was the capital of Japan in 784. Ten years late it was moved to Heian, what is today Kyoto, where it remained until 1868.

The Imperial Court resided in Kyoto but after the rise of the shogun there was another capital with effective control. Heian was the effective capital and was moved to Kamakura and then Edo (Tokyo), with the last two being the shogun's capital.

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Which line of latitude and longitude pass close to these cites tehran jeddh Dubai islamabad dehli dhaka Beijing Bangkok Tokyo?

consult atlas map :D

World War 2
Canada in WW2
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What was the pros and cons of doing island hopping strategy in World War 2 Why didn't you just go straight for Tokyo?

island hopping allowed the US to establish a base of operations for our planes. once we controlled the local skies, we could establish safe harbors, supply depots for the ships, refueling centers, and local hospitals.

You must remember that the Pacific Fleet had been damaged at Pearl Harbor on 12/7/41 so running straight to Tokyo was not an option. (Although in early 1942 Colonel Dolittle made a daring raid on Tokyo with a squadron of B-17 aircraft ) So, ships were dear, and planes could not make it that far during this time.

Island hopping became the safest way to penetrate enemy territory, take it back into the hands of the Allies, and continue to work our way towards the Japanese homeland.

Time Zones

Time difference between Tokyo and Auckland?

New Zealand is four hours ahead of Japan from the last Sunday of September until the first Sunday of April and three hours ahead the rest of the year.


How does Tokyo's climate affect the people that live there?

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Apakah nomor telepon Garuda Indonesia di Tokyo?

Nomor teleponnya adalah: (81-3) 3240 6161

Anda dapat menemukan nomor telepon Garuda untuk kota-kota yang lain di link yang terdapat dalam jawaban ini.

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Tokyo Mew Mew Manga

What is Eliot's Japanese name in Tokyo mew mew?

Elliots name in Japanese is Ryou :) <3

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How long is the flight from Singapore to Tokyo?


Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo (TYO)

Flight Duration 6 hours 50 mins Distance:

The distance between Singapore and Tokyo is 3302 miles (5313 km).

Swift Codes and Routing Numbers

What is the bank-code of the bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi ufj Shinagawa Ekimae Branch?

bank code - 0005

branch code - 588

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Georgia (US State)

How long does it take to get from Atlanta Georgia to Tokyo Japan?

Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Tokyo (TYO) Shortest Flight Duration: 14 hours 20 mins

Swift Codes and Routing Numbers
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank ICICI

What is the Zengin Clearing Code Bank Branch Code of Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi fukuoka branch?

Zengin code is composed by two elements - the code for bank (4 digits) and the branch code (3).

For the branch in question they are 0005 and 652respectively.

Distances and Travel Times
Trains and Railroads
Train Travel

Which is the quickest train from Shinjuku station to Odawara station using a JR pass?

The quickest way to get to Odawara station from Shinjuku would be to take the Romance car on the Odakyu line.

Required time
1hour 13min(Taking time 73min)
82.5 km(Transfer 0)
Total amount of money
¥1720(Fare ¥850 Charge ¥870)

If you must take only the JR line a great tool is to use the website listed as a related link.

See the Related Links for " (Tokyo Train Schedules)" to the bottom for the answer.


What is the capital of Japan?

The capital of Japan is Tokyo.


Which city is closest to Tokyo-sapporo or Osaka?



Is Tokyo over populated?

The population of the Tokyo Metropolitan area is said to be 12 or 13 million, with a population density of a whopping 5,900 / km2 but this number is pretty arbitrary, including only the people living inside the official, invisible borders Tokyo. The actual conurbation is much bigger, with a population of 34 to 35 million people all living side by side with no empty areas in between them. I think the term overpopulated involves a value judgment, and so I can only give my opinion on this as somebody who lives here. In Japan it is depopulation that is regarded as a social problem (people are deciding to have fewer children, later in their lives), but Tokyo continues to draw people in from other parts of the country because of the relative strength of the jobs market and the fact that many people prefer to live in a thriving metropolis. This puts enormous pressure on space and the transport infrastructure, so that to people from other cultures Tokyo homes (the vast majority are apartments) may appear very small, cramped and built too close to each other, and the trains are so crowded you literally need to force yourself in because the inside is full of commuters squeezed up against each other. Room sizes are measured in a unit called a 'tatami' which refers to the size of an average tatami mat - big enough for one adult to sleep on, and a typical room size is 6 tatami, with only two or three such rooms in a typical apartment. However, none of this is to say that there are 'too many' people living in Tokyo, just that there are a lot of people living here. Somehow Tokyo manages to absorb more and more people from the rest of the country, and gargantuan apartment buildings are being built all over town to accommodate the newcomers. The trains run pretty much on time, the water is clean and the sewage and rubbish collection systems all seem to function adequately, so overpopulated might not be the appropriate word to describe the situation here. 'Densely populated' it certainly is! Incidentally, the reason there are so many people crammed into Tokyo (and other Japanese cities) is very simple. Close in on Japan from space on Google Earth and it's obvious that virtually all the land in Japan is occupied by mountains too steep to build on, so the population will naturally tend to concentrate in the limited amount of flat land available, for example the Kanto plain (where Tokyo stands) and the Kansai area (Osaka and its surrounding area).

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Flight Times

How long is the flight from Sydney to Tokyo?

Sydney (SYD) to Tokyo (TYO) Shortest Flight Duration 9 hours 30 mins

Flight Times

How long is the flight from Mexico City to Tokyo?

Mexico City (MEX) to Tokyo (TYO)

Shortest Flight Duration 17 hours 15 mins

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How can you work for Tokyo Disneyland Resort?

all jobs are posted together.... you cant see the ones just for japan but:

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Does Narita express train N'EX from Narita airport stops at Shinagawa station in Tokyo If so how much will the cost of ticket from airport to Shinagawa station. Are all N'EX train stop shinagawa?

Yes, some of the Narita Express services stop at Shinagawa, not all of them. Some travel via Shinjuku. From Shinagawa to Narita, the ticket should cost about 2910 Yen. All Narita Express trains stop at Tokyo Station. If in a hurry, this is the best option.


What is the current population of Japan?

Population of JapanThere was about 127,704,000 people living in Japan as of March 2010.

According to World Bank, World Development Indicators, about 128 million people live in Japan

See related answers below.
Over 127,000,000 people live in Japan.


What car does Sean drive in the first race of Tokyo drift?

A fast one :)

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How do you say best regards in Turkish?

Sevgilerimle. In official letters you have to write 'Saygılarımla' while this word's translation fits more to 'Yours sincerely, yours faithfully'.

Japan in WW2
History of Japan

What were the previous capitals of Japan?

Nara was the capital of Japan 710-784. The court was then moved to Nagaoka in 784. Then Kyoto was the capital 794-1869. More input: Wikipedia English says ''* During the Edo era (Prior to Tokyo being the sole capital of Japan) Tokyo was known as Edo. Kyoto was a second capital and Osaka was an unofficial third capital.'' citing a defunct page in Japanese government web site. , but Kyoto was always sole capital as definition of the capital is where emperor lives as a historical term. (now it has become where parlament building is, practically speaking) *592-645 飛鳥宮 Asuka-no-miya(Asuka, Nara) 4 places *645-655 難波宮 Naniwa-kyo(Osaka) 1 place *655-667 飛鳥宮 Asuka-no-miya(Asuka, Nara)over 2 places  *667-672 大津京 Otsu-kyo(Otsu, Shiga) *672-694 飛鳥宮 Asuka-no-miya (Asuka, Nara) another place *694-710 藤原京 Fujiwara-kyo (Kashiwara, Nara) *710-740 平城京 Heijo-kyo (Nara) *740-744 恭仁京 Kuni-kyo (Kamo, Kyoto) *744-744 難波京 Naniwa-kyo (Osaka) *745/1-5 紫香楽宮 Shigaraki-no-miya (Shigaraki, Shiga *745/5~784 平城京 Heijo-kyo (Nara) *784-794 長岡京 Nagaoka-kyo (Nagaokakyo, Kyoto) *794-1180 平安京 Heian-kyo (Kyoto) *1180/6-1180/11 福原京 Fukuwara-kyo (Kobe, Hyogo) *1180/11-1868 平安京 Heian-kyo (Kyoto) [ Wikipedia Japan "日本の首都#歴代日本の首都一覧"]


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