What is the time Venus takes to orbit around the sun?

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It takes 225 Earth days.
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How long does it take for Venus to orbit the Sun?

Venus orbits the sun in approximately 225 Earth days. (224.70069 days) Strange as it may seem, Venus rotates so slowly that a "day" on Venus is longer than its year. It takes Venus about 243 Earth days to spin once on its axis. The slow rotation is also in a "retrograde" (clockwise) direction, fr ( Full Answer )

How long does it take Venus to orbit the sun?

It takes Venus about 225 Earth days (224.70069 days) or about 0.6152 Earth years to make an orbit of the Sun. That's a bit over 7 Earth months. Venus spins slowly clockwise as seen from its north pole, so the rotation period (Venus day) is actually longer than its year, taking about 243 Earth d ( Full Answer )

How long does it take Venus to orbit around the sun?

Venus Diameter: 7,519 miles (12,100 km) Atmosphere: Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulphuric acid, and trace elements Surface: rocky, dusty and mountainous with a river of hardened lava Temperature: between 55°F (13°C) and 396°F (202°C) Rotation of its axis: 243 Earth days Rotation ar ( Full Answer )

How many times does venus orbit the sun?

It takes Venus 224.7 days to orbit the sun. Venus orbits the sun1.62 times in a year. Venus is the planet 2nd closest to the sun.

What is the time it takes Saturn to orbit the sun?

Saturn has a massive solar orbit duration as compared to Earth.Saturn requires 29-years to complete just one orbit of Sun. Thelongest period is that of Neptune requiring more than five timeslonger at 165-years. The shortest orbit period is that of Mercuryat a short 88-days.

How many years does Venus take to orbit the sun?

Venus orbits the sun every 224.7 days which is precisely 13,482 hours. Whereas Earth obviously orbits the sun every 364.25 days meaning that every four years the 0.25 part makes a whole so its 366 which is a leap year. Venus takes less than a year to orbit the sun because it is closer to the sun tha ( Full Answer )

Why does it take Venus so long to orbit the sun?

its farther away then mercury is therefore making mercury the fastest planet and venus the second fastest planet because it has to orbit a full time.and its also farther away from the sun making it go slower around farther away.

What time does the moon take to orbit the sun?

The Moon does not orbit the Sun as such. It orbits Earth and it is the Earth that orbits the Sun. It takes Earth a year to orbit the Sun and the Moon is orbiting Earth as it does so.

Time it takes moon to orbit the sun?

The Moon actually orbits the Earth, which it does in 28 days, but if you consider the Earth and the Moon as a double system, then the Moon orbits the Sun once a year, just as the Earth does. The Moon is much closer to the Earth than the Earth and the Moon are to the Sun.

Why does it take Saturn longer than Venus to orbit the sun?

Saturn takes longer than Venus to orbit the Sun because its orbit is much larger, so there is more distance to travel to complete one revolution. In addition, Saturn moves slower along its orbit than Venus does along its own orbit.

How may days does Venus take to orbit the sun?

Comparisons of the two planets' rotations, however, illustrate a key difference. Venus rotates on its axis in a direction opposite that of the Earth and the other planets of our solar system and takes 243 Earth-days for a complete rotation. One revolution around the Sun for Venus takes 225 Earth day ( Full Answer )

How many orbits does it take around the sun?

It takesearth 1 year or 365 days and 5hrs and 57mins to orbit around the sun, Which is why every fourth year we add a day, Feb. 29, and call it leap year. I hope I helped Out!

How many miles does Venus take to revolve around the sun?

Venus' orbit around the sun is almost perfectly circular, with an average radius of 67.2 million miles. . A circle with a radius of 67.2 million miles has a circumference of [ 67.2 million pi ] = 211.1 million miles .

Time it takes for one orbit to go around the sun?

The Earth takes one year to go around the Sun. Other planets (or other objects in the Solar System) take more or less time, depending on their orbit; for example: Mercury about 3 months; Jupiter about 12 years; Pluto about 250 years; Sedna about 12,000 years.\n

What time does neptune orbit around the sun?

It orbits the Sun all the time! You probably meant : "What time does Neptune take to complete one orbit around the Sun?" The answer to that is: about 165 Earth years.

What is Venus' orbit time around the sun?

According to our science books, a year on Venus (it's revolution) lasts for 224 Earth days, 17 hours. Take that for what it's worth lol

How long does Venus take to make a rotation around the sun?

it takes about 1 year to go around the sun and that's 225 earth days .1 day on venus would be like 245 earth days so if we were on that planet we would it would be like a year and a half to us but there its actually be 1 day on venus.

Earths orbit time around the sun?

1 year, that's why we celebrate New Years. To be more precise, it's actually about 365 and a quarter days.

What is venus 's time to orbit the sun?

The orbit of Venus is the most circular in the entire Solar System. In mathematical terms, the eccentricity of Venus is less than 0.01. A year on Venus lasts 223 days. As Venus travels around the Sun, it ranges in distance from 107 million km to 109 million km. The average distance is 108 million km ( Full Answer )

How do it take for earth to orbit around the sun?

I'm guessing your question is how long does it take. It's aproxametly 365 days, hence the calendar of 365 days in a year. The orbit is slightly slower which causes us to gain one day every four years. This is what we call leap year.

What is the length of time it takes for the earth to make one complete orbit around the sun?

By definition, a single orbit of Earth around the sun is one year . However, the definition of one year can vary depending on application: 365 days is conventionally used; 365.25 days is used when considering a leap day every four years; and most accurately 365.2563666 mean solar days (we skip a le ( Full Answer )

Why does it take Venus less time than earth to orbit the sun?

Because Venus is closer, and it moves more quickly as well, sothere are two things making it go round in a shorter time. The orbital period, the time to go round the Sun once, isproportional to the 1.5 power of the radius of the orbit,discovered by Kepler in about 1605. The orbital speed isproportio ( Full Answer )