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What is the time difference between Nova Scotia Canada and the UK?


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Nova Scotia is 4 hours behind the UK.

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No , Nova Scotia is not a country, Nova Scotia is a Province of Canada.

Nova Scotia is part of Canada.

Nova scotia join Canada on 1897

The Bay of Fundy lies between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia did not 'join' Canada. Nova Scotia was one of the original four provinces of Confederation.

In Nova Scotia, they are one hour ahead from Ontario time.

1 hour. Example: 10 AM in Nova Scotia = 9 AM in Florida.

Nova Scotia is a small province in Canada.

Nova Scotia is in Canada otherwise in north America.

The large bay between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada is the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Bundy has the highest tides in the world.

The Bay of Fundy, between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, experiences the highest tides in the world.

Nova Scotia is in eastern Canada and is part of the " Atlantic Provinces"

yes, Nova Scotia is a "province" in Canada and very beautiful!!

Nova Scotia is a very beautiful province in Canada.

North America. Nova Scotia is located in Canada.

No, Nova Scotia is in the Maritime Provinces. Upper Canada is another term used for Ontario.

Nova Scotia, Canada has several industries. The main industry in Nova Scotia is fishing. Farming is also a large industry, along with the film industry.

the U.S was a threat to nova scotia as to Canada

Nova Scotia is not a pennisukla, it shares a border with New Brunswick

Nova Scotia is known as the second smallest province in Canada. Nova Scotia also includes beautiful Cape Breton Island and approximately 3800 coastal islands. In 2011 the population of Nova Scotia was approximately 921000. In comparison to other provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia would be the second most densely populated province in Canada as of 2011

Netherland and Nova Scotia in Canada have a time difference of 5 hours, netherland is ahead of 5 hours than nova scotia . for example if time in novascotia is 8 pm than in netherland it will be 1 am

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