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Q: What is the tissue directly behind and under the lower teeth called?
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What is the tissue that connects the lower lip to the gum called?

lower labial frenulum

What is the medical term meaning an area where tissue is eroded leaving it lower than the surrounding tissue?

It is called an ulcer

What is mesophyll?

between the upper and lower epidermis is a multi-layer tissue called the mesophyll.

What is the skin called between your lower lip and gums?

The tissue is called oral mucosa. The area is known as the vestibule.

The teeth in the lower jaw are directly anchored into which structure?

Teeth sit in the gums and their roots are anchored directly into the bone of the jaw. Lower teeth are called mandibular teeth because they are anchored in the mandible.

What kind of tissue is found at the lower surface of a leaf?

Protective tissue

What does the lower bellhousing on a 1993 Pontiac transport look like?

The lower bell housing looks like a transmission. Look at the engine, then look directly behind it. That is it. Its Bigger than the Engine and is commonry Gray

Where is the oil filter on a Harley Davidson Wide Glide?

on the front left side lower area of the motorcycle. directly behind the front frame downtubes

What is the function of the mesophyll layers in a leaf?

Most of the interior of the leaf between the upper and lower layers of epidermis is a parenchyma (ground tissue) or chlorenchyma tissue called the mesophyll (Greek for "middle leaf"). Thisassimilation tissue is the primary location of photosynthesis in the plant. The products of photosynthesis are called "assimilates".

Where is the cabin air filter on a 2008 Dodge Caravan?

If equipped, it is behind the lower glove box.If equipped, it is behind the lower glove box.

What is a lower than normal level of oxygen in the tissues called?

A lower than normal level of oxygen in the tissues called hypoxia. Hypoxia can occur from a number of conditions and diseases. If not corrected quickly, it can lead to tissue death.

What is the green tissue in the interior of a leaf called?

The tissue in the interior of the leaf is called mesophyll which is the parenchyma, the essential tissue of plants. The mesophyll is divided into two groups inside a leaf; the palisade parenchyma wich is located on the upper part of leaf and the spongy parenchyma which is located on the lower part of leaf.

How do you know if your angelfish is pregnant?

First off it will be a female lol ,as she gets filled with eggs her "belly" will round out and and as she gets near her time to spawn a thing called an ovipositor will show directly behind her lower fin. is about the size of a tip of a ballpoint pen.

How many teeth dose a turtle have?

None. Turtles have a ridge of horny tissue (sometimes called a beak) on both their top and bottom jaws. In most turtles these ridges are actually quite sharp with the lower jaw ridge sliding up and slightly behind the upper ridge.

What is the top layer of concrete called?

The top layer of concrete is called the structural coat. It directly receives the most load which must then be transferred to lower layers.

Where are all the safe jack points on a 1995 tercel?

There will generally be 2 notches on the lower vertical lip of the rocker panel directly behind the front wheels (under the front door) and directly in front of the rear wheels. Hope this helps.

Where is adipose tissue found in the skin?

Adipose tissue is found right under the lower layer of the skin called the dermis. Babies and infants have more than adults and you can't see their veins very well.

Where is the oil filter located for a 1974 Buick 455?

Buick big blocks have the oil filter located directly below the distributor, just outside and behind the lower pulley.

Digestion in lower animals is which involves food particles directly the cell?

Digestion in lower animals is _____ which involves food particles directly the cell

Where you can find the tonsils in human body?

You can find the palatine tonsils behind the last lower molars. There are two, one on each side. There is a ring of lymphoid tissue and palatine tonsils are part of that ring.

What is the medical term meaning lymphoid tissue hanging from the lower portion of the cecum?

The vermiform appendix, commonly known as the appendix, is lymphoid tissue hanging from the lower portion of the cecum.

Where is the starter located on a 2001 Chevy Impala?

follow the positive battery lead under the front of the car. I think it is almost directly behind the grill but lower, very easy to spot

What epithelial tissue is found in the lung tissue?

The lung tissue (the lower respiratory tract) is composed of non ciliated columnar epithelium while the tissue of the upper respiratory tract is of the ciliated type.

What is the strand of fibrous tissue that provides longitudinal support as a component of the coccygeal ligament?

Filum terminale or terminal thread is a fragile fibrous tissue strand which is the longitudinal support of the spinal cord. Its upper part is called filum terminale internum and the lower part called filum terminale externum.

When was surgery used in lower esophageal ring?

If bougienage is unsuccessful, lower esophageal ring tissue can be surgically removed.