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Hank's Theme.

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Q: What is the title of Showtime's Californication theme song I am aware who the artist is Tree Adams I am looking for the title of the song?
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What is the title of Showtime's Californication theme song - I am aware who the artist is Tree Adams - I am looking for the title of the song.?

Californication Main Title Theme (Bonus Unreleased Song)This is an unreleased song by Tyler Bates and Tree Adams. It can be obtained via itunes by purchasing the album titled Temptation.If the Rolling Stones want to sue Tyler Bates and Tree Adams, I suggest that they listen to their song Monkee Man from Let It Bleed and then call their lawyers.

You heard a song in a bar that used music from californication theme song what is the name of song or band?

Californication by Tree Adams.

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What is the music used in californication trailer on channel 5?

Tree Adams, Californication theme is as it says the Theme tune I think the answer your looking forward is the instrumental that they've been using on the trailer of the new series. It's by Dee Nyoni not sure of the name. You can find the name of the music used on the Channel 5 website. Oh and it's called Beautiful Day and is not an instrumental you can find it on their website:

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