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That information isn't out yet.

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Q: What is the title of the 12th book in the Ranger's Apprentice series and when is its publishing date?
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What will be the title of rangers apprentice book 11 be?

The Lost Stories. It will be a collection of short stories.

What is the title of the 5th book in ranger's apprentice series?

Book five is the "Sorcerer of the North."

What is the Power Rangers Ninja Storm series finale episode title?


What is the title of the first book in Erin Hunters Warriors The Fourth Apprentice?

The name of the fourth series has been changed to "Omen of the Stars" and the first book will be "The fourth apprentice"

Is Erin Hunter writing a fourth series?

Yes Erin Hunter is writing a fourth series At the moment, Erin Hunter is thinking of the name The Fourth Apprentice for the series. The book title should be Ambush, but this could change ta any moment. you know she already named the series oman in the stars and the other one the forth apprentice as the first books title.

What is a word for fourth in a series?

yes, the first book of the fourth series is definitely coming out at November 14, 2009 (or at least around that time). its title is "the fourth apprentice" and the series title is "the omen of the stars". find more about it at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will they make a movie on The Last Apprentice Series?

Yes! But, of course it isn't called "the last apprentice" as the that is the American title. the original book series was written in scottland, with completely different names. It is called "The Spook's Apprentice" and is in development. It is expected to be released around 2010. Here is the link to IMDB: It wasn't made in Scotland. The author wrote it in England, where he resides.

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Will there be a rangers apprentice book 10?

Yes, Ranger's Apprentice 10, the Emperor of Nihon-jah, focuses on rescuing Horace, but Will, Halt, Evalyn and Alys soon find that Horace is staying to protect the emorer of nihon-jah, thus giving the title

What is the fourth series of Warriors by Erin Hunter going to be called?

Warriors: Book 1The Fourth Apprentice, Book 2 Fading Echoes , Book 3 Night WhispersAfter the Power of Three Long Shadows and after another book of Power of Three [Sunrise] then the new series will come out (The Fourth Apprentice), but it is something about Firestar's kin (as always)I would like to add that she has changed the name of the series, as quoted from wikipedia:"The fourth, and not the final, series has been renamed as Omen of the Stars. The former series title The Fourth Apprentice will now be used as the title of the first book, instead of the former Book 1 title, Ambush. The series will be a direct continuation from Power of Three. [2] Like the three series before, this series will have six books."

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