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Answers.comThe title of this website is The community-contributed Q&A platform is called WikiAnswers. The library of reference works is called ReferenceAnswers.

It's a very very good site.

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โˆ™ 2012-01-16 13:29:38
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Q: What is the title of this website?
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What is the title of a website?

The title is the name of the website. It is usually at the top of a webpage. For example, "" is the title of this website

What is a cool website title?

The Peanut Gallery The website title will be same on website descriptions

Should the title of a website be in quotations?

The title of a website should be underlined Italic or normal, not in quotations.

What is the difference between a webpage title and a website title?

a web page title is the title of the indiviudal page e.g. home page contact page a website title is the title of your site, e.g. Fishing but web site title is a Laymans term for a domain name such as

Where does a websites title appear?

The website title appears on our computer screen.

What is a web title?

I believe you are referring to the TITLE of your website as it relates to Search Engine Optimization. The Title is a part of Meta Data which is the Title of your website. With most platforms today, you can have a Title for each page of your website. The search engine's will "crawl" your site and if you have it set for: index, robots follow the SE will see the Title set for the website and then follow the Index which links to your other pages and then read these titles. This is also done with navigation.

Is website title the same as the url?

No, it isn't. The website title is the name of the website while to URL is the location of the site and the address that is typed into the internet browser to visit the site.

What is the difference between website title and article title?

Theres really no difference if your doing a bibliography i suggest just skipping the website title and put S.A for same as article.

What is the website title for WikiAnswers?

It is WikiAnswers.

When citing a website in APA format should you include the title of the web page and the title of the website and what goes in italics?

The title of the topic or article on the website is in italics. The website is not in italics. For example, say I went to the website to find the article How to fix leaking oil. is listed first, then year (or n.d.) for the article, then would come the title of the article How to fix leaking oil,then the retrieval and website information. This assumes no author is named in the article.

What is a website title?

The website title is one of the metatags used by search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to determine whether a given website should appear in search results for a specific search term.A blog-based website (powered by Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) has a spot in its settings to enter the website title.For a static website that you design in a program, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, you'd enter the website's title metatag in the Head code of the index page (index.htm, index.html, index.php, etc.):Enter Your Website Title HereThe title of your website should reflect its overall topic. It can also be the name of the company to whom the website belongs. It' okay to capitalize each word of the title, but do avoid ALL CAPS in all metatags. Search engines look at titles etc. in ALL CAPS as spam.Other metatags include but are not limited to the description and keywords. Each individual page on a website should also have its own unique title and description. Keywords can be repeated between different pages that discuss the same topic.

What does title entry mean?

It means title of website page. Or the entry that you decide to use. (:

What is a good title for a gymnastics website?


Do you underline a title that you found on a website?


What is the title of Mark Zukerbergs website?

What is the seven letter title of this website?

What is the seven-letter title of this website?


Where can you get a title insurance primer for New York State?

Title insurance is regulated in NY by their Department of Banking and Insurance. Check out their website at: Go on the website of any of the larger title companies or their local agents. They usually have an FAQ section explaining title insurance and what it covers.

What does title undefined mean on a message from webpage?

It means you never put in your title. I will give you an example, make sure to put it in your body section. <title>Welcome to my website!</title>

What is open and closing title tag?

Title TagsTitle tags in HTML determines the name of the site you want the browser to display. Using title tags, it will tell the browser the desired name of the site you want to display on the title bar of the browser. For example, you want to name a site Google. Therefore, you need to type: Google. It will display "Google" on the title bar. The title tags should be inside the tag. Example:Trial WebsiteThis is a sample website

What does the HTML tag title mean?

The title tag indicates the title of the page. Almost every website has it. The title can be placed anywhere. I prefer it in the <head> To use it: <title>My Cool Title</title> Note: This tag cannot be modified. There is nothing in CSS that you can do to change the style.

What is the title of song on the official website for ashraf pahlavi?


What are the required elements for a simple HTML document?

Here is a simple HTML website: <HTML> <title>My first website<title> <body> <body bgcolor=0033FF> <font color=00CCFF> <h1>My website</h1> </font> </body> </HTML>

What are cool names for a website?

Well, it depends what the website is about. For example if the website is about yoyo's then make a title like Just try making rhyming words with the topic of your site and you will come up with a catchy title sooner than you would expect

Can you buy a car with a bonded title?

A Texas bonded title is just as good as any other title. You can sell it. It will only have the bonded remarks for 3 years. See website for Auto Title Recovery.