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The tone is to be formal and serious.

It is an elegy~ meaning its written to memorialize the death of a person(youth). in this case it is the little boy in the poem.

So the tone of the author is formal and serious

Mood of readers is dreadful, sorrowful.

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Q: What is the tone of the poem sea lullaby?
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The voice in the song from the suds poem is that of the mother who hums a lullaby to calm her child and soothe him to sleep. The gentle and comforting tone of the voice creates a sense of warmth and security for the child amidst the chaos of the storm.

What is the meaning of the poem sea lullaby?

well because it is about a young child being killed by the sea it shows that when we were young, we thought the world was such a peaceful place to play and have no worries. But when we read this poem we realize how destructive nature can be. It makes us feel like we have no control of our surroundings.

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When teaching the poem "Lullaby for Amira," focus on the themes of love, comfort, and protection conveyed in the poem. Discuss the imagery and language used by the poet to create a sense of security and tenderness. Encourage students to analyze the structure and rhythm of the poem to understand how it enhances the lullaby-like quality. Additionally, invite students to reflect on the universal themes of parenthood and the bond between a caregiver and a child.

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Lullaby of the Earth was created in 1970 by Japanese composer Isao Tomita. The piece was inspired by Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa's poem of the same name.

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Use a pace that is appropriate for the tone of the poem apex

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The tone of this poem isliberating, uplifting, inspiring, and a little sad.

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THIS poem talks about nature the author usesrepetition and traditional poem. the tone of the poem issentimentalbut in the last line the author changes the tone Oof the poem to sily and the author dont like being sentimental.

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The poet's tone in the poem, "The Eagle, A Fragment", is one of majestic beauty. This poem by Tennyson tells of the beauty and freedom of the eagle.