What is the top speed for Yamaha raptor 50?

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Around 65mph.
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Top speed of a Yamaha Raptor 250?

If you want the record for the ftop speed, check the Bonnieville salt flat records, if your looking how fast you can get the bike to go, that depends on the gearing, tune-up,

What is the top speed of a 2008 Yamaha vino 50?

\nMine is 2008 has 515 miles and I reach 41MPH and i weigh 130 pounds... But its not fully broken in so we'll see. I've never really held it at WOT for longer than 2 minutes t

What is the Yamaha Raptor 660's top speed?

Stock gearing mid to upper 70's The best I can do for you is a comparison with a modified, (excerpt with site following): I am a very experienced rider who loves to go fa

What is the top speed for a Yamaha Raptor 700R?

I had two Raptors at one point, but I sold my stock 700R. The fastest I went with my 700R was 139.5 mph @ 1/8 mile. I'll tell you about the one I still have, if you're intrest

What is the Yamaha raptor 700 top speed?

It depends on what year you get because as some may not know, the 2008 Raptor 700's (and I presume the 09' and 10's too) have a governor built in which limits you to speeds un
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The top speed of the Yamaha raptor 700se?

103 mph i think the 700 is way to heavy my 660R weighs 380 lbs the 700 has to be way heavier than that so i cant see 103 mph