What is the top speed for a 1997 trans am?

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Where is the speed sensor on a 93 Trans Am?

the speed sensor is on the transmission i aso know you can adjust the speed reading according to tire/rim size or different rear-end gears with a hypertech power programmer.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am?

Possibly similar: '98 Trans Am . I have a '98 Trans Am. On my car, from the rear driver's side tire, the Fuel Filter is located about 6 inches in front of the tire and about 8 to 12 inches in from the outside of the car. Hope this helps!

Is overheating a common problem with the 1997 Trans Am?

no, check the coolant reservoir 1st, if its full then after car is at operating temp. look underneath and see if any coolant or water is on the ground below the water pump if so the weep hole is probably leaking on the water pump check the componet if all check out it maybe the thermostat fairly enx ( Full Answer )

What causes the AC fan to blow at top speed but not much air to come through the vents on a 1997 BMW 328I?

Answer . \nThis here can be a number of things, first of all if your blower is running in only high speed, i would first try to put in a new final stage blower resistor, its located behind the center console on the drivers side, actually right to the right on the gas pedal, also if you are no ( Full Answer )

1966 Mercedes 250 SE with 4 speed manual trans It has a top speed of about 65 Does it have overdrive or 2 speed rear end you cant find an overdrive button or cable?

No, it does not have overdrive or a 2 speed rearend. These cars were very low geared from the factory, but now you have to also factor in that modern radial tires are much smaller in diameter than the original bias ply tires. There are three options for making the car nicer to drive at speed. 1) If ( Full Answer )

How to remove tops off Trans Am?

Wendy and cloe and the nanny are at the pool Wendy kneeling down by the nanny topless and cloe is sitting beside the nanny topless and when Wendy or cloe try to pull the nanny swimsuit down but then the nanny she pull the swimsuit back up over her breasts so how does Wendy or cloe remove the nanny s ( Full Answer )

A 1997 dodge b2500 van has a 4 speed automatic tran but way is it on the inside your shifter has only d 1 2 or no button or indecator on dash to tells you anything?

Answer . As with most automatics, you can only force downshift into the lower gears (in this case, 2nd or 1st). On my Dodge, there is an OD Off button that keeps the transmission from going into overdrive. I guess the manufacturers figure that if you have an automatic, you don't really care what ( Full Answer )

1997 Chevy blazer auto trans 4x4 no reverse?

first get a crock pot and boill the tranny until hot and than put oil in it to cook for five minutes... second just order taco bell and your done ...

Will a V8 5.7L 350 engine fit into a 1997 camaro RS that has a V6 3.8L in it right now it is also a 5 speed manual trans and if so what would i have to do to make it work?

You can make it fit, but it wont be worth the cost or the hasstle. Remember that once you do this, you need to change the computer, upgrade the suspension since the new engine is a lot heavier, the 5 speed transmission for the v6 wont hold up to the new engine. You need to also remember that the exh ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a 1997 Honda Shadow VLX 600?

All the articles I have read say 90, I have taken mine to 95. but that's it theres nothing left. Its not geared for anything more. Change the rear sprocket out from the stock 44 tooth to a 41 tooth i did that on my and i can get up to about 110-112 MPH

You are looking at an 1997 Ford Ranger xlt 2.3 liter 5 speed manual trans you notice a lot of oil leaking from the bottom of the engine and covering the entire undercarriage any ideas?

What color is the oil? If it's red it could be coming from the transmission or power steering. If it looks like used oil (check by pulling the dipstick and comparing) it could be coming from the oil pan (possible bad gasket or poor seal on oil pain drain plug) or from a bad rear main seal (if it sta ( Full Answer )

How do tell if the starter is going bad on a 1997 trans am?

You can pull it out and take it to most auto parts stores to have it tested, that is what I usually do. You can test it yourself with a volt meter. You need one that will test the amperage draw. I am not sure what the specs are for that starter. You can usually get the specs from your locol auto par ( Full Answer )

How do you tune up a 1997 Trans Am?

a tune up requires wires ,spark plugs, rotor, distributor, air filter, PVC valve, fuel filter, and i also recomend you change the oil aswell.

Will a 1997 Cadillac trans fit in a 1995 Cadillac?

no. depending if you have a 4.9 or 4.6 it fits DEVILLE 95 A.T., FWD; 4T80E (4.6L) ELDORADO 95 A.T.; (8-279, 4.6L), VIN "Y" SEVILLE 95 A.T.; (8-279, 4.6L), VIN "Y" or DEVILLE 94-95 A.T., FWD; 4T60E (4.9L)

Why does your 1997 Trans am overheat while idling but not while driving?

If the car is fitted with an electric cooling fan, this may have failed. A car moving will normally get enough air to keep the radiator cool. I have known a water pump to be faulty, where the vanes have become detached this causes lack of flow in the cooling system.

Where is the spare tire in a 1997 Trans Am?

The spare tire should be inside the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Pop your hatch, remove the three plastic buttons holding on the passenger rear plastic hatch cover, where the speakers are if so equipped. The jack and spare tire should be under this cover.

Top speed of a 1997 Subaru legacy gt?

I am in the UK and have a Jap import 1996 Subaru Legacy GTB 280Bhp Twin Turbo Estate. When I had a play with the German Autobahns recently, the speedo which was an upgrade 240Kph STI one fitted in Japan and the limiter removed read straight down off the clock to over where 260Kph would be (about 165 ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a 1997 Crown Victoria?

It can accelerate to light speed, "ridiculous speed," and "ludicrous speed." When going into ludicrous speed, all crew members must use a seat belt for their own safety. Ludicrous speed results in the ship leaving a trail of plaid.

What is the top speed of a 1997 Geo Metro?

Top speed is about 100 mph... unfortunately that would be freefall out of an airplane.. on the street you can get about 86-88mph in an automatic and slightly more with a 5 speed.

What is the top speed of a 2003 Trans Am?

there is no such thing as a 2003 trans am they quit making them in 2002 those were limited to 165 but if the limiter is removed then they can go faster

Why there is Very little heat from heater on a 1997 Pontiac trans am?

Acabin air filter (if fitted) could be blocked. The heater matrix or pipes to it could be furred up. A cooling system flushing treatment might do the trick. Failing that a strip out and cleaning the crud from between the matrix fins might be the answer. If all else fails a new matrix might be requir ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed in speed skating?

Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This means they are traveling one Kilometer in 70 seconds, with top speeds of over 40 miles per hour.. Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This mea ( Full Answer )

How do you covert a 3 speed trans to a 4 speed trans on a chev cavalier?

change the trnsmition if your lucky and depending on the year it may not be worth it. One cheep modification if your sick of the car would be to set it on fire and and enjoy the radio wile having a drink with your honey, At least until that goes, but then u get to wate till the tires pop!

Where do you find the paint code on a 1997 trans am?

Inside part of the driver's door, look for the parts number sticker....you will wording such as bc/cc, the first set of numbers you see after that is the correct paint code for the car.

What trans does a 1997 four by four 5.7 Liter have in it?

When you ask such questions, you should also include the make andmodel of the vehicle.. engine displacement alone can't always pindown the manufacturer, but in this case, it's pretty obvious you'retalking about a Chevrolet. If yours is an automatic, you'll eitherhave a 4L60E or 4L80E transmission - ( Full Answer )

Where do you fill automatic trans fluid for a 1997 ford escort?

The automatic transmission is really close to the battery to theright side of your car model. Checking the transmission fluid isalso done from the same point. Yes you must require a funnel aswell as the correct fluid for the transmission.