What is the top speed for a 2000 cr 125?

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Not bored out, a 2000 CR-125 will hit around 90 mph. (I own one so i would know) I have an FMF Fatty pipe with Shorty end pipe, set up for more acceleration, but if you put a FMF Knarly header into a Power core, set up for top end, you could go faster than 90 but i dont know by how much... And I have no idea how fast one with bored cylinders, domed pistons (etc.) would go.
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Honda cr 125 top speed?

The Honda CR 125 has a listed top speed of 45 miles per hour. TheHonda fuel pump can be modified to increase the top speed.

What is the Cr 80 top speed?

My 1995 cr 80 top speed is about 75-80mph. My son's 99 cr 80 top's out around 60-65, the gears stock are about 70 mph. that's crock. are you stoned a 2 stroke 250 will do th

CR 85 Top Speed?

my cr 85 takes off like a rocket 85mph top speed. if your getting a dirt bike then get one of these it even keeps up with 125/250s it is proper lethal.
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What is a cr 500 top speed?

with the right gearing probly about 135 mph though i have seen some go at least 150mph But with stock engine and gearing they do not reach speeds anywhere near this. Off of t
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How much is a 2000 cr 125 worth?

if it is in like perfect condition you should be able to get 1600-1800 for it