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Well, donovan Bailey ran the 100m in 9.84 seconds. that's 10.16 m/s. 36.59 km/h. However this is the average, not the top speed. He ran faster then that for part of his sprint and slower for other parts.

If we look at top speed as being the highest speed achievable rather than over a race distance we should look at the fastest 10 metre increments in the 100 race.

The top athletes are all around .83+ secs for several of the 10 metre segments. The very best can hit this speed a bit earlier in the race and/or hold on to it for a little longer but the top speeds are virtually the same at around 12mps .

That's 43.2 kph or 26.85 mph.

Usain Bolt probably touches 27 mph at some point

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A sprinter runs 100m in 10s what is his maximum speed?

His top more max speed cannot be measured this way because he is avaraging his speed over 100m.

What is the average speed if a sprinter runs 9.77s for 100m?

22.92 mph.

What is the average speed for a 100m sprinter at the Olympics?

About 9.5 to 10 seconds.

What is the average speed fro a 14 year old 100m sprinter?

Boys: 11 to 14 seconds. Girls: (please improve answer)

The sprinter beat donovan bailey's 100m world record with a time of 9.79 seconds?

The sprinter was Maurice Greene

What sport does James Dolphin play?

he ia a 100m and 200m sprinter

Is there a 100m sprinter called Boldon?

Yes, first name Ato.

How many calories does a 100m sprinter burn in a race?

10,000 calories

Sprinter beat Donovan Bailey's 100m record?

Maurice Greene

Calculate average velocity and average speed?

sharon sprinter changes her speed from 4.5m/s to 7.5m/s in the middle 1.5 seconds of a 100m race. what is her average velocity for this time period?

How fast can a sprinter run?

how fast can a sprinter run...Michael Johnson ran the 200 meter race in 19.36 seconds, so what was his speed in mph Devon Wood can run up to 9.23 in the 100m on track but wasnted recorded

How can a sprinter complete in a 100m without breathing?

It is almost 100% anaerobic exercise

A world class sprinter can burst out of the blocks to essentially top speed of about 11.5 ms in the first 15m of the racewhta is the average acceleration of the sprinter?

Usain Bolt

What country does the sprinter in the 100m second semi final with the abbreviation aho?

Netherlands Antilles

Which Jamaican sprinter is the current olympic and record holder in the 100m and the 200m?

Usain Bolt

How did Usain Bolt rise to fame?

He is a 100m sprinter who runs extremely fast times.

How does accleration apply in track?

100m dash is all about getting to top speed as fast as possible. the faster you can get to top speed the less time it takes to complete the distance. a combination of acceleration and top speed are crucial in winning a sprint race.

How do 100m sprinters prepare for the Olympics?

Train hard and be a natural sprinter, also beleive in your self

How long does it take for a sprinter to run 1 millimetre at top speed?

Just use the basic formula for speed: distance = speed x time Solving for time: Time = distance / speed

How do you improve speed?

by speed training. most common way is to sprint for 100m jog for next 100m sprint another 100m jog 100m. do this continously for 30mins. do it at least 3 times a week. your speed will improve. maybe not significantly but it will improve.

How long can a person run at top speed?

When considering how long a person can a person sprint we must begin by defining our terms. In this case the top speed is the maximum velocity sustained over twenty meters. A sprint is defined as 80% of top speed. So our question is for how many seconds or meters can a track athlete sustain a least 80% of his top speed. The current world record holder (2008) for 100m, Usain Bolt could sustain 95% of his top speed for 8 seconds (100m), 90% of top speed for 18 seconds (200m) and 80% of top speed for 30 seconds (300m). See related question below.

This sprinter beat Donovan Bailey's 100m world record with a time of 9.79 seconds?

maurice green

What energy requirements are needed for 100m sprint?

Power, speed, strength and timing are all essential to being a good sprinter. Power and strength are required to reach your full speed, with speed actually keeping you running. Timing is also important so you can start of at exactly the right moment.

How do you set speed on 2005 sprinter?

If you are asking about maximum vehicle speed, that is set by the engine computer. A Sprinter dealer can set it with there scan tool.If you are asking about maximum vehicle speed, that is set by the engine computer. A Sprinter dealer can set it with there scan tool.

Who is the fastest cheetah or ostrich in a 100m sprint?

Cheetah, cheetah is the fastest mammal in the word with a top speed of on avg, 75mph.