What is the top speed of a cat-eye pocket bike?

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they go from 28-30 mph

if modded they can reach 40 mph
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Why would a pocket bike not idle?

the idle pin is probably put in backwards try taking it out and turning it around. that's all i can suggest

Does a bigger rear sprocket make a pocket bike go faster at top end?

typically you want a a smaller sprocket in back and bigger one in front.. bigger one in back with stock in front will cause quicker acceleration small on back and big in front will cause you more speed but if you put a smaller one in back put a bigger one in front

Where can you buy a electric pocket bike?

By pocket bike - I hope you mean a portable electric bike. Check out: http://ecobike-usa.com/products/vatavio-folding-electric-bike.asp and you will get the closest to a portable electric bike. Good luck

What is dirt bikes top speed?

Well it really depends on what size of dirt bike you get. For example: if you get a 50cc bike it will mabe go 20mph, but if you get a 450 it could go from 50 to 60 mph. so to get a definite answer go to your dirt bike companies website, and look at the bikes facts.

How can you clean a pocket bikes carburetor?

You can take the screw out of the bottom of the gas bowl where the float is and let it drain. If that dont work take the carb off and use a air compresser to blow out any hole you see.. The best way is to disassemble the carb and clean it properly because you may have gunk build up inside that you ( Full Answer )

Top speed of a MotoGP bike?

The official top speed of a MotoGP bike is 349.228kph (~216.55mph). It was set in Mugello by Dani Pedrosa in 2009. The previous record of 343kph was held by Makoto Tamada at the Shanghai circuit back in 2006 on a 990cc Honda. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2009/Pedrosa+top+speed+record+mugello

Can you ride a pocket bike in Nebraska?

Yes pocket bikes can be operated in the state of Nebraska, howeveronly on private property. If operated on public streets andproperty the driver can be fined and the bike will be confiscated.

What is the top speed of a 50cc dirt bike?

it depends on what sort of motorbike u get heres a listing GEOVANIE: 45-55mph YAMAHA:65mph HONDA:55-67mph KAWASAKI:55-70mph heres a listing of 49cc speeds geovani: 45-49mph heres a listing off 125cc YAMAHA:85-110mph KAWASAKI:90-105mph HONDA:90-115mph SUZUKI:90-111mph and heres a price range se ( Full Answer )

Do bike shops sell pocket bikes?

If you can find a large enough bike shop, they should carry pocket bikes or at least be able to direct you to a location that does if they do not.

Top speed on a four stroke dirt bike?

What size 4 stroke dirt bike would greatly vary your top speed. A 125 4 stroke will top out around 48-50 mph while a Honda XR 650 4 stroke top speed is just a bit over 100 mph.

Where do they sell pocket bikes?

The most convenient place to buy pocket bikes is on an onlinestore. Most pocket bikes are specialty products and that is why itis easier to buy them online, directly from their manufacturer.

What is the top speed of a 150cc dirt bike?

the top speed of a 150cc dirt bike can depend on a lot of things like if its a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine what kind of terrain your on and how much you way but the average is about 50-55mph

Top speed of xr 400 dirt bike?

Stock its bout 90mph on average... older models being mid 80's... trickin it out a bit you can hit 105ish without too much $$.

Are pocket bikes legal in Nebraska?

Really no, it is illegal anywhere and can get fines but first are warnings...but they are a blast for everyone and i am even getting one. well actually if you read the DMV handbook, it can be legal. if it is under 50cc(as in no more then 49cc) you can ride it and it is considered a motor assisted bi ( Full Answer )

Cagllari pocket bikes?

A cagllari pocket lasts up to 3 to 5 months maybe even a year if you don't use it too much otherwise it will burn the battery out.

How do you drain gas out of a pocket bike?

If your pocket bike has an outer shell, remove it. Then look under the carberetor, there should be a single screw, unscrew it and let the gas drain out, make sure you have a container so you don't make a mess. After you're done replace the screw.

Are pocket bikes fast?

\npocket bikes are very fast. A 50cc pocket bike would bring you much over 30 mph and some pocket bikes can even go over 60 mph.

What brand is the cateyes pocket bike?

they go from 28-30 mph stock if you put a performance air filter and a skinny performance pipe it'll go about 40 mph. a skinny pipe would add 2-3mph air filter will add 6-7 mph

What is the top speed for a dirt bike?

125cc 4-stroke is about 50mph 125cc 2-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 4-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 2-stroke is about 100-120mph 450cc 4-stroke is about 100-120mph 500cc 2-stroke is about 180+mph

Pocket Bike or Dirt Bike?

Pocket Are you kidding? Pocket bikes are little kiddies toys that you can only ride in private parking lots. Get a dirt bike and do some REAL riding, enjoy some REAL speed and fun! Pocket bikes look cool, but when it comes to having fun and riding, theres nothing like some real power at your cont ( Full Answer )

Top speed of a kx250 dirt bike?

I have a 1986 kx 250 and I need to replace some engine parts. Which years kx's are compatable with my 1986 kx 250? THANK YOU! Joe Enos enosknows@gmail.com

What is top speed of 80cc dirt bike?

It depends what brand of bike? 2 stroke or 4? and what kind of mods you have done to it?... but any 4 stroke should do around 60-75 km/h and 2 strokes do around 80-110 km/h... Hope that answers your question! :D Yes, it's true. http://www.fun-zone.in

Top speed motogp compared to super bikes?

In 2009, MotoGP bikes ( 800 cc ) top speed is around 343 km/hr. with Casey Stoner's Ducati. . Super Bikes ( 1000 - 1198 cc ) rarely reach 320 km/hr.

What is the top speed of a 90cc 2 stroke dirt bike?

the top speed of a dirt bike can depend on a lot of this like what make it is what kind of terrain your on parts and how much you weigh. But the average of a 90cc 2 stroke dirt bike is about 35-40 mph sometimes faster.

Top speed of 150cc dirt bike?

No one can answer this, it depends on gear ratios, power and wheel size. As well as your weight.

Is the cagllari pocket bike good?

We have been racing one competitively for two years now. It has never broken down in that time. The only parts we have replaced are 2 sets of tyres, a pair of chain rollers (consumable parts) and a spark plug.

What is the top speed of a 150cc quad bike?

Speed (MPH) is completely different to cc's (CUBIC)! The top speed depends on the tires, gears, your own weight and the weight of your ride. Good Luck finding out ;) that depends on literally hundreds of factors, including gear ratios, rev limiters, weight, what wheels, ect. but it should be able to ( Full Answer )

Do pocket bikes need a filter?

yes even if its a small 2 stroke pocket bike u need some form of air filter if ur on a right budged measure the intake opening and look at oil filters from older cylinder heads they work just as good or check ur local auto shop they might have the power to order them

Where can pocket bikes be ridden in Colorado?

i ride my on the street in front of my house. i live in boulder colorado. just dont ride on highways on streets with traffic or anyhwere a cop can see ya. so just take it to a local parking lot or if ya have a go kart race track near by ask if ya drive there

How do you make your pocket bike go it's fastest speed?

A governor exists to limit your speed on level ground to about 30 MPH. This was done for safety reasons, and so that riding/driving a pocket bike doesn't require the operator to have a Motorcycle endorsement on their driving license. About the only way you're going to travel faster is when going ( Full Answer )

Can a bike top speed exceed when speedometer wire is removed?

Yes because the speedometer has no relation with engine output or power. It is just a sensor. > No, Most road bikes are geared for maximum speed. Say a bike developes 60 bhp (44743 watts) at the drive wheel and has a drag coefficient of 0.23 Then (ignoring rolling resistance of tyres) : maximum ve ( Full Answer )

Are pocket bikes legal in Saskatchewan?

pocket bikes are not legal on highways or main roads, but they arelegal in rural roads and mostly on small roads such as side roadsthrough houses and such. pocket bikes are only legal through thoseroads if they do not exceed 30kph. in saskatoon and the surroundingarea pocket bikes are ussually fine ( Full Answer )