What is the top speed of a whippet dog?

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about 60km/h (37mp/h)
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Why did men have dogs called whippets in Ireland in the 1800s?

The Whippet first appeared in England from carefully selected crosses of small English greyhounds and certain terriers. The "Snap Dog" was a favourite of Welsh coal miners who relied on their pets to capture fresh meat for the dinner table. The breed's distinct advantages in its swiftness, quietness ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of an Olympic Sprinter?

Answer . The world record for the 50 meter freestyle was set in 2000 by Alexander Popov. His time was 21.64 seconds. This translates to 2.31 meters/second.

Would a dog that is a mix of lab terrier Jack Russell and whippet or Italian greyhound be safe for a person with allergies?

Answer . I am sorry to say but 'no'. It's not the fur, but the pet dander off the skin of the dog. There is no breed of dogs or cats that a person with extremely bad allergies can have around.. I have an Asian girlfriend (Asians seem to have terrible allergies) and her and her husband own a Bord ( Full Answer )

What is a labrador retreivers top speed?

Labrador retrievers are quite agile if they are in good shape. Theyare capable of running up to 28 to 30 miles per hour for shortdistances.

What is the top speed of a Formula 1?

depends completely on the cars aerodynamic setup, gear ratios, ect. The highest recorded speed however of an F1 car was by the 2005 Honda F1 car which reached a flash reading of 400km/h at Bonneville however because it could not reach it on the way back its official speed record 397km/h. The quickes ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of Toyota Yaris?

Depends on the powertrain- a 1.5/manual will be faster than a 1.0/automatic.. 1.3 version can be 165-175km/h in manufacturer data(my previous generation Yaris 1.3 with CVT,Japanese version proved to reach more than 190km/h,closer to 200km/h,if its limiter removed).. If it is a well loosen-up examp ( Full Answer )

Top speed of Honda CRF50?

25-30 depends on the weight of the rider. 25-30 depends on the weight of the rider.

Top speed of Yamaha 250?

We need to know what kind of 250 your talking about, 2 wheel, 3 wheel, 4 wheel, for dirt, for street, be more specific with make, model, and re-post. In the mean time check out this site: . http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-reviews/yamaha/index167.html . 111mph

What is dirt bikes top speed?

Well it really depends on what size of dirt bike you get. For example: if you get a 50cc bike it will mabe go 20mph, but if you get a 450 it could go from 50 to 60 mph. so to get a definite answer go to your dirt bike companies website, and look at the bikes facts.

Why do all cars have a top speed?

Cars are designed to have a top speed for safety reasons. An engine can only spin at so many RPMs before things start to fly off or destroy themselves. The same holds true for the rest of the moving parts on a car. Tires can only handle so many RPMs before the rubber starts to come apart. The faster ( Full Answer )

What does a whippet cross miniature fox terrier dog look like?

hello i have a whippet cross fox terrier. we were told he was pure bred, but upon closer research he is not pure bred. looks similair to a foxy, but a rather thin sparse coat like a whippet. has strong back legs, fox terrier face but a whippet snout. Very energetic dog, but prone to separation anxie ( Full Answer )

How fast is a whippet?

\n . A whippet can run 40 miles an hour. Keep them on a leash or have a tall fence around your yard. They will chase cars. \n

What is the top speed a greyhound dog?

The top speed recorded of a greyhound dog was taken in Australia March 3rd 2004. "Cheetah" , the amazing greyhound was clocked at a top speed of 84 MPH (wind assisted).

What are whippets bread for?

Whippets were originally bred for catching rabbits. Later for both this and racing and lure-coursing. These days, the catching rabbits is frowned upon, so lure-coursing and racing have taken its place for the most part. We can say now, that the breed is bred to run in general. They love to run and a ( Full Answer )

Are whippets protective dogs?

In my experience whippets tend to be more quiet and shy and can lack the confidence that guarding breeds can have.

Where to buy whippets?

The best place to get a Whippet is from a reputable breeder or from a Whippet rescue organization. For the rescues, do a web search. For the breeders, you can do the same, or go to: thewhippetarchives.net . There you can find your country, then click on breeders till you find one that has a website ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed in speed skating?

Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This means they are traveling one Kilometer in 70 seconds, with top speeds of over 40 miles per hour.. Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This mea ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a Lamborghini spyder?

Most people who drive the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyderinvariably come away depressed, thinking the same thing: With 552hp, a 0-to-60-mph time of about 3.5 seconds, and a claimed topspeed of 201 mph , this thing is too slow. Lamborghini getsit.

What is the Top speed of CO2 car?

1000 mph to 3000 or it will explode in your face and you will die or get very very hurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the hubble's top speed?

Hubbles top speed is 8,530 nano/m per sec which allows it to travel it the same hemisphere there astronauts put it on.

What is a whippet gun?

A whippet gun is a Browning Auto , or a Remington model 11, cut down ( so that it still operates) Both the barrel, and Stock are shortened. See related link for more info.

What is the top speed for an Acura tsx?

If you are talking about stock(meaning no modifications), the highest for me was 143 mph. If you add some modifications then it can go up to over 160 depending on how many horsepower it has after the mod.

Top speed of a commercial plane?

The fastest ever commercial airplane was Concorde. It flew at speeds of more than Mach 2. It retired from service due to crashes and accidents.

Top speed for a cbr 600rr?

"Officially" 168MPH (stock CBR600RR). It really depends on the bike condition and the size of the rider though.

Will a whippet get on with a cat?

It depends on the age and personality. If the whippet is territoriol if the cat came into his area they would most likely be a stand off. However when the whippet goes into the cat territory they will usually follow the cat and not make a move unless the cat runs. But if you get your whippet as a pu ( Full Answer )

What are the features of a whippet?

There family members are greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, and a little bit of Lab. Whippets are normally skinny not skin and bones but skinny. There can be big or miniature they can be lots of different colors and can run up to almost 50 MPH. If you're wondering how i know this its cause i have a Whi ( Full Answer )

What is whippet racing?

Whippet racing is the same as greyhound racing, only with whippets. this is not racing for money, like some people do with greyhounds, but it is mostly for fun. the dogs are put in the trap, which is a metal box with bars at the front. when they are let out, they chase the luar, the dog who is first ( Full Answer )

What dog between a Staffordshire bull terrier or a Whippet makes a better family pet?

Which dog would be better would depend on the family situation. Both Staffies and Whippets are generally considered to be good family pets and both make good companion dogs. Staffies are sometimes called "nanny dogs" as they are known to be very fond of children and since they are quite hardy and bu ( Full Answer )

What dog is better a staffordshire bull terrier or a whippet In a family pet way?

I would choose a whippet. They are usually quiet dogs and can give you lots of time out of the house to be together. They can be very easy to train too. I would know for I have a whippet my self. They can be frightened of very young children if you don't introduce them properly. Give it some time an ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of whippets?

Depending on how effectively you can whippet, you may feel a sort of dark warmth envelope your noggin. You may hear military-grade helicopters hovering right above you. Your junk gets numb, or 'tingly' or whathaveyou. And then you exhale and that's pretty much it. And don't forget the oxygen! Unless ( Full Answer )

Why are whippets called whippets?

The exact answer is unknown. It is thought to be related to the 16th century term "whip it", meaning "move fast". "Whippet" originally applied to a greyhound-spaniel mix; not the dog that we now call a "whippet".

Are whippets hypoallergenic dogs?

WOW! Yes they are!! They dont shed hairs, they are very clean animals and don't roll in poo or on purpose get dirty!

Where do whippets live?

whippets are very adaptable indeed! i have a whippet x myself and she sleeps in the house and in my bedroom. Some owners however decide that they would prefer the dog to live in a kennel. this could be due to health and allergic reactions anything. they are great on the move too, they sleep in their ( Full Answer )

Can a whippet be unleashed?

yes. the only concern would be near busy main roads and surrounding places where your whippet may come out of sight of you. if you don't do that and let your dog run on a pavement adjacent to a busy major road, then chances are your whippet will speed off into the tracks of a vehicle. if the whippet ( Full Answer )

Are whippets good for first time dog owners?

Yes I suppose, they can be tricky to train though and you must not be rough with them as they are very sensitive. They are also quite reserved with strangers and can sometimes have trust issues with non-canine pets, but they are low maintenance, sweet affectionate dogs as long as you keep them exerc ( Full Answer )

What do you feed a whippet?

My whippet loved Iams mixed with some fresh meat. She also was particularly fond of chicken jerky strips. Generally, you feed a whippet a diet rich in protein. My whippet also received omega 3/6 supplements and a multivitamin every other day. She was beautiful, lean and fast.

What dog is better better grey hound or a whippet?

I depends I have a whippet who is knee hight and is easy in the car and is small but can get a bit excited (he is young though) but grey hounds are very docile but and big and are diffiult to move (in the car wouldn't fit very well on the back seat) and cn intimidate youngsters.