What is the top speed of roller skates?

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depends if its downhill or on flat surface. I just watched a video that the skater went over 90km/h down a slight incline.
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Where was the Axel Roller Skating Rink?

\n. \nA young artist named Griesel, with the following biography, "Grisel was born and raised in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Her time as a teenager was spent commuting to Hyde Park's Kenwood Academy, where she was an awarded fine artist, and learning from Chicago artists in ( Full Answer )

Who invented the roller skates?

James Plimpton invented the roller skates with 4 wheels. He was a great man. He had a brother and one sister. The place where the first roller skating rink was in a hotel dining room.

How do you roller skate?

you have to stand on one of your toestops and then push the other foot forwards and just move one foot at a time but don't use the toestop!! If you want to skate round a corner, not a sharp corner, as you are skating cross one foot over the other but the foot on the outside crosses over the foot t ( Full Answer )

When is roller figure skating season?

Rollerskating season is February-Mid November. This is due to many sports take a break or the season ends around the end and the start of the year, however, if skater wants to have a break, they can do whenever they want.

When did people first roller skate?

Who first started roller skating is an unknown man from theNetherlands. He made a pair of skates but with wooden wheels in the18th century.

How was roller Skating invented?

A man decided to attach wheels to as plate to the soles of his shoes. He then went to a ball in them and the wheels weren't securely fastened and he skated right into the wall, true story.

Can roller skating keep you fit?

Roller skating can keep you fit if you do it regularly. I am a roller skater and I have not been in better shape and I have now met great people at our rink and I now compete with them. We all get along in our club!!

How do you Change roller skate wheel?

you need an Allen wrench(s) or screw driver(s) to take the screws out, then you need a bearing pusher tool that can take out the bearings to put them on the new wheel there are many tools to do that i suggest the kryptonics one tool because it has the parts to do all of that

What is faster roller blades or roller skates?

If modern inline speed skates are compared to modern quad skates, the former are faster, in part due to the difference in wheel size. Modern inline skates use 100 - 110 mm wheels, which roll much smoother than the smaller 62 mm wheels on quad skates, and therefore the skater loses less energy. In ( Full Answer )

Why were roller skates made?

Back in the late 1700s some people used to ice skate from place to place when there was ice. If there was no ice, they wanted a way to get around. I believe they called themselves the Skeelers.

Why does roller skating make you tired?

First of all, the exersion of energy affects you. Also the vibration against the pavement adds extra movements in your joints which contributes to the losss of energy.

Are roller skating and ice skating the same?

No, they're not the same. If you're roller skating or roller blading, you have a boot with buckles on it, and you have wheels on the bottom of the boot. You use them on land. If you're ice skating, you have a half-shoe, half-boot that's either white or tan colored (for the girls) and usually black ( ( Full Answer )

How much do roller skating cost?

roller skates normally cost the size that it is, if its for children it will maybe cost a little number, and for adults it would cost about a middle number.

What is the world speed record for quad roller skates?

i have to say that i dont no if there is an actual world record, thougt i am trying to find out my self. because i have manage 85mph behind a car and then free wheel down a hill to a very gradual stop. most say good adrenalin rush. jeremydoust@hotmail.com. regards. Jez

How do you get roller skates on Build-a-Bearville?

To get your pink roller skates go to Bearville Outfitters and click 'rides' the roller skates will be the first one on the page. They cost 5 store credits if you haven't got any, buy something on the website or go to the shop and every item is worth 1 store credit or bears are a few - sorry cant rem ( Full Answer )

Can you skate faster on roller skates than inline skates?

If you are referring to Quads no. In-lines are faster than Quads, and they're easier. I have been skating every Friday, from 7-10 for a year now at my local Roller Skating Rink and I had allot of trouble with Quads. I always fell, but In-lines are the easiest and fastest skates. Especially if you ha ( Full Answer )

What where roller skates invented for?

Roller Skates were invented so that one could more quickly get from A to B without exerting too much energy or using too much fuel doing it other ways. They were really needed for some who in cold weather would ice skate from one place to another. But they needed a way to do it when there wasnt ice. ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed in speed skating?

Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This means they are traveling one Kilometer in 70 seconds, with top speeds of over 40 miles per hour.. Olympic speed skaters skate 500m, which is considered an all out sprint, in about 35 seconds. This mea ( Full Answer )

What does art do in artistic roller skating?

The art performed in ARTistic rollerskating is how the skater moves to show grace or skills. It is exactly like figure skating, just slightly harder because of the momentum you have to control. Roller skates are heavier which makes it harder. It is an art itself. the way the skater moves and jumps a ( Full Answer )

Where did roller skates replace ice skates?

Roller skates are very popular to this day... Although I bet you that people decided to stay indoors in the winter, rather than go rollerskating somewhere nearby... They probably thought- "Wouldn't it be cool if we could roller-skate on ice?" And vola! Ice-skates were born! Kinda a pathetic ( Full Answer )

Which is fastest bicycle or roller skates?

This would like depend on the speed you are going. Generally, riding a bicycle would be faster than inline skating. However, if you are an expert speed skater who has never riden a bike, then skating would likely be faster.

How many kinds of roller skates are there?

Generally, there are two main kinds of roller skates: in-lines and quads. In-lines are made for speed, and quads are made for performing tricks. There are several classifications of skates: One kind of skates are 'aggressive' skates. These have hard boots and small wheels. These are used for d ( Full Answer )

Are roller skates environmental?

Generally the manufactuering of any item may cause issues for the environment. But many companies are trying to do things to offset any negative affects to the environment such as using recycled materials or generating their own electricity.

What are roller skates good for?

Going from A to B. Getting exercise. Transportation that doesn't use gas or electricity. Doing tricks, competitions, roller derby, or just at a roller rink for recreation.

Is there such a thing as professional roller skating?

Yes there is such a thing as professional Roller skating. I my self do it and if you don't want to hurt your self by doing jumps there is dance which is were you just skate around the floor doing foot work, or you can do show skate and that is were you do tiny jumps and lots of spins and foot work s ( Full Answer )

Why do roller skates have rubber wheels?

Rubber wheels provide a more comfortable ride since they absorb some of the vibration from the surface. They also provide more grip.

How will different surfaces affect the speed of a roller skate from rolling down on an incline plane?

It's best to look at extreme situations to work this out. A pile of bricks could be skated down if you had very small bricks or very large rollers which couldn't get stuck between the bricks. In other words, a rough surface will slow down the skates. Also, suppose you painted the inclined plane with ( Full Answer )

How will different surfaces affect the speed of a roller skate on an incline plane?

It depends on its roughness of the surface. The roughness on the surfaces will tell you how much friction will be acting. It is believed that the friction is caused by the interaction of the particles at sub-atomic level. The greater the interaction between the particles, the greater the friction. T ( Full Answer )

Why do roller skates have tiny wheels?

Some skates have smaller wheels. These are generally on artistic style skates. I believe the idea behind it is that they have less surface area on the floor to slide better when twirling and such to be more similar to ice skating styles. They are also less likely to collide with each other and lock ( Full Answer )

Who is the father of modern Roller skating?

The father of modern roller skating James L. Plimpton, frustrated by the roller skates available, invented a new type of roller skate that would revolutionize the sport.

What do you where in extreme roller skating?

wear, and roller skates/blades, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, pillow (duck taped to front and back stomach area), leggings (under kneew pads) underwear (under or over clothing whichever you prefer), t-shirt and finally wrap oneself in bubble wrap, i hope this is useful

What is safer roller skates or blades?

Roller blades are much faster and better. The roller skates are not as flexible as roller blades are. It's much safer to wear roller blades than roller skates and roller skates are likely to trip you up than roller blades. Also roller blades have more control than roller skates.

Where can one use roller skates?

Roller skates can be used in many places. Outdoors, roller skates can be used on side walks, walking paths and at skate parks. Indoors, roller skates can be used at roller rinks or other venues with flat floor surfaces.

Why are roller skates safe?

Roller skates (rollerskating) is actually not safe. It could cause injuries and bruises if not safe. I would suggest wearing leg padding and arm padding or a helmet if you feel comfortable doing so.