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Q: What is the topography of Quebec?
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How was Quebec's name chosen?

Quebec City, founded by Samuel Champlain, was already a thriving Indian village called Stadacona. Its strategic location, several miles upriver from the large Ile d'Orleans, appealed to Champlain. The name QUEBEC is of Indian origin and means "where the river narrows." A look at the topography shows the St. Lawrence River narrowing to approximately one kilometer at Quebec City as compared to the mouth of the mighty river at the Gaspe Peninsula where it is 480 kilometers across.

What is the topography of Fire Island?

There's no such thing as a topography.

What is the topography of the ocean floor?

The topography of the ocean floor

Elevation layout and shape of the land?


What is the topography of a river?

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What is the topography of the great white shark?

land has topography... not sharks

What is the plural of topography?

The plural of topography is topographies. As in "these topographies are interesting".

What is an area with many sinkholes?

It is called a karst topography.

What is a sentence using the word topography?

(Topography deals with the physical features of a geographic area.)"The topography of the region suggests ancient volcanic activity.""The map of Middle Earth's mountains is excellent fictional topography.""We spent the morning discussing the topography of England's Thames valley."

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Topography contributes to soil through Pokemon.

Features of the earth's surface?

Topography. (top-aw-graffy)

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Topography is an important factor for soil formation