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Torque for the dome???????WHAT the heck is a dome???????????????

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Q: What is the torque for the dome and heads in a 1987 chev pickup?
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What is the torque for the dome and heads for a 1987 chev 350 pickup?

Torque for the dome???????????????????????? What the heck is a dome?????????

Where is fuel filter o 1995 chev pickup?

where is fuel filter loc on 1995 chev 1500 pickup and what does it loo like

Will a 94 chev front crossmember fit in a 69 chev pickup?

No, a 1994 Chevrolet crossmember will not fit on a 1969 Chevrolet pickup.

How do you get a new key for a 1997 Chev pickup?

new chev keys can be obtained from chev by providing them with you VIN number

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1990 chev pickup?

Built into the alternator.

Torque settings for 2005 Chevy aveo?

torque setting for 2005 chev aveo

Will 87 Chev 350 heads replace 94 chev 350 heads?

no NEW ANSWER: The above answer is correct if yours is the early month of 87 and has a carburetor. If it is a LATE month of 87 then it will be a fuel injected engine and the heads WILL interchange.

What is dwell setting for 1972 350 chev pickup?

30 degrees

What is the thickness of the wood in a 1965 chev pickup?

100 inches long

What is the torque for spark plugs on a chev 350?

20 ft lbs

How good is the 03 chev s10 pickup?

it is a great " little " truck when looked after.

What year heads are 3873487?

1971 chev truck/corvette/lt1

Will heads off a 1996 chev LT1 fit on a 1974 350?


What is the torque sequence of main bearing caps for 350 chev 4 bolt main?

the torque is 70 ft. lbs., but as far as I know there isn't a torque sequence.

Will 88chev pickup transmission fit into a 2002 chev pickup?

No, because the transmission control module and speedometer will not line up, so it will not work.

What is the spark plug gap setting for 1979 Chev 350 K20 pickup?


How do you get to a block heater on a 92 Chevy pickup?

Where is heater core located on 92 chev

Do they still make a small stepside pickup?

I think they still make a chev. S10

Torque specs 5.o chev vortec cast iron heads?

I torque the long bolts to 75 foot lbs and the short ones along the bottom to 65ft lbs.If you do not have the proper sequence then go from a circle out from the center of the head. Start off by going snug and going up in 20 lb increments using a torque wrench.

Is there a fuel pump relay switch on a 1987 chev suburban?


What does a speed censor do on a 1984 chev pickup?

The 1984 did not use a speed sensor are even have one.

Where is the egr valve location on a 1990 chev s-10 pickup?

Need to know what engine it has.

What are the torque wrench settings for a 1998 Chev S-10 V6?

Every nut and bolt has a torque setting, need to know which one you are looking for.

When was production finished for chev El Camino?

1987 was the last production year

Where is the fuel filter for a 1996 Chev S10 pickup?

In my 2000, it is under the truck slightly behind where the driver's seat is