What is the total length of coastline of India?


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Tot length of the coastline inc andaman & nicobar islands is 7516.6 km.


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The total length of New York's oceanic coastline is 127 miles long. The length of New York's coastline, including the length of the Great Lakes coastlines is 2,625 miles long.

The length of the coastline of New Zealand is 15,134 km making it the 10th longest coastline of countries in the world.

India is 1,997 miles from north to south. It is 1,822 miles from east to west. India's coastline is 4,671 miles in total.

No. The mainland coastline of New South Wales is 2007 km in length, while the islands make up an extra 130 km of coastline length. The mainland coastline of Tasmania is 2833 km in length, with an additional 2049 km of coastline on its islands. This gives NSW a total coastline length of just 2137 km compared to Tasmania's total coastline length of 4882 km.

The coastline of the Northern Territory has a mainland length of 5437 km, and an additional island coastline length of 5516 km. The total is 10 953 km.

The New South Wales coastline has a mainland length of 2007 km, and an additional 130 km of island coastline, making for a total of 2137 km.

Total "General U.S. Coastline" is: 12,383 miles This INCLUDES Alaska and Hawaii See chart linked below for "Tidal Shoreline" Coastline of the United States -

UAE coastline length is 1,318 km

The area of landmass of India is 3.28 million square km. India has a land boundary of about 15,200 km and the total length of the coastline of the mainland including Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshwadeep is7,516.6 km.

The total length of Great Britain's coastline is 18838 km

Total: 4,668 km Metropolitan France: 3,427 km

what was the length of the union coastline

the coastline is about 80,000km long.

The Somalia coastline is 3,025 km. This includes the the total length of the boundary between the land area (including islands) and the sea.

Gujarat is the state in India with the longest coastline of 1600kms.

The mainland length of the New South Wales coastline is 5437 km. In addition, islands make up another 5516 km. This brings the total length to 10 953 km.

The coastline of Indonesia is 54,716 km.

The coastline length of Canada is 202,080 km.

The length of the coastline of Great Britain, including the principal islands, is about 19,491 miles

The South Australian coast line is 5067km in length (mainland is 3816km and total islands coast is 1251km.)

The total length of Canada's coastline is 243,042 kilometres (151,019 miles).

The Indian Coastline is 4,671 miles long.

A coastline is a "line". Lines do not have an area they have length.

According to Geoscience Australia, Tasmania's mainland coastline is 2833 km long, with its islands also having an extra total coastline length of 2049 km. This adds up to 4882 km.

Scotland has the largest coastline which is 7,332 miles in length (11,800 km), the English coastline is 1,988 miles in length (3,200 km).

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