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According to the American Bar Association, there were 1,116, 967 licensed attorneys in June of 2006. The number rose to 1,128,729 by the end of 2006, and grew to 1,143,358 by the end of 2007. Number of lawyers for each state in those years can be found on "Lawyers By State" on the ABA Website. Interesting statistics posted on the ABA Website show the following Demographics for various years: Gender: In 1980, 92% of attorneys were men and 8% were women, compared to 73% men and 27% women in 2000. Race/Ethnicity: In 2000, 88.8% were White, non-Hispanic - down 1.8% from 1990, 4.2% were Black, non-Hispanic - up .9% from 1990, Hispanic 3.4% - up .9%, Asian Pacific American, non-Hispanic 2.2% - up .8%, American Indian .2% - no change from 1990, Native Pacific Islander or Hawaiian .04% - added since 1990, and Bi-racial 1.2% - added since 1990. Attorney's Average Age: 41 in 1991 and 45 in 2000. Total JD enrollment: 129,397 in 1995-96, 125,184 in 1999-2000, and 137,676 in 2003-2004. In those years, male enrollment dropped from 56% to 51%, while the percentage of female enrollment rose from 44% to 49%. Minority enrollment also increased from 19.7% to 20.6%. More statistical information can be found on "Lawyer Demographics" on the ABA Website. (Follow the nearby links.)

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According to the American Bar Association (ABA) there are over 76,544 personal injury lawyers in the United States. Most of these lawyers work in law firms representing less than 50 lawyers.

More information on personal injury lawyers and accident attorneys can be found at the below link:

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According the the American Bar Association there are over 76,000 personal injury lawyers in the US comprised mostly of law firms with 50 or less lawyers.

There are also multiple directories that list in excess of 50,000 personal injury law firms and lawyers.

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Q: What is the total number of lawyers in the US?
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