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adopted family

nuclear family

single parent home

extended family

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Q: What is the traditional American family?
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What is the traditional American family called?

adopted family nuclear family single parent home extended family

Who had the power in the traditional family?

The husband or the father had the power in the traditional family.

What are the disadvantages of the traditional family?

We have to follow the rule's created by our family. We can't be free minded in traditional family.

Advantages And Disavantages Of Family Traditional?

What traditional

How did rock and roll dismantle the traditional family?

I do not agree that rock dismantled the traditional family.

Is single parent household better than traditional family of strife?

Yes, a single-parent family is no better or worse than the traditional family.

Which type of family is also known as a traditional family?


What is the modern families How are they different from traditional families?

i think that the modern family is run with modern life but traditional family behive is difference

How do you use the word tradition in a sentence?

I would prefer a traditional wedding, though I am atheist.It was traditional for the family to meet up on Christmas.The traditional dress is worth thousands.

What is traditional hinduism?

coming together as a family

What has the author Robert C Lock written?

Robert C. Lock has written: 'The traditional potters of Seagrove, North Carolina' -- subject(s): American Pottery, Pottery, Pottery, American 'The Whole PC Family Encyclopedia'

What is Americas traditional methods in wars?

There were many traditional methods that American's used in wars. These American's would often fight head on to the death.