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What is the traditional clothing in Sri Lanka?


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October 17, 2010 6:43AM

The traditional clothing of Sri Lanka is very interesting. Women (near the age of marrying or already married) normally wear a sari, also known as Kandyan Sari as traditional clothing. Sinhalese girls wear half saree, a cloth and jacket with a frill around shoulders. Tamil little girls wear pavadai sattai, which is pretty much a skirt with a design and a blouse. The aged Tamil girls (who have reached puberty) normally wear half sarre's which is like a saree but not fully, there would be a long scarf or cloth to put on your left shoulder and gets tucked in your skirt and it is like a pavadai sattai too! Sinhalese men wear Sarong and shirt called Baniyama. And Tamil men wear patta vetty which is a shirt and a long cloth which they wrap around their waist.

A sari is very colourful, and women usually wear them to weddings and parties. Some even wear them when they go shopping. Elderly people also wear saris, infact, you wont see an eldery woman wearing anything but a sari. XD

Men wear sarongs, as mentioned above, which is a long piece of cloth, wrapped around the waist like a towel. It's long enough to reach the feet. Men dont usually wear tops because of the hot weather. Women wear saris when they go to special occasions, but you will never see a man wearing a sarong at a special occasion, only at home and outside, probably shopping or working. When going to special occasions, men would wear trousers and a t-shirt.

When going shopping, you would usually see women and young girls wearing long skirts, or jeans, with a colourful t-shirt. Men would wear sarongs or trousers, and a t shirt. Young boys would wear t-shirts, and long shorts. Sometimes they would also wear caps.

If you were in Sri Lanka, you would see many people without homes and shoes. They are always asking for money, so that they can buy food and clothes. Usually, everyone that walks by would give them around 50 rupees, knowing how hard it would be to live in such conditions.