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Cuando means when in Spanish.

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"Cuando" translates to "when" in English.

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Q: What is the translation for the Spanish word cuando?
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What is the Spanish translation of the English word when?

Cuando Cuando

Spanish translation of When can I see you?

Cuando puedo ver un usted (there's an accent over the "a" in the first word)

How do you say when you are bored in Spanish?

Translation: cuando estés aburrido

Spanish translation for When is your birthday?

Cuando es tu cumpleanos

When he was your age in spanish?

translation: cuando el tenia tu edad

How do you say when i was walking i saw in spanish?

Translation: Cuando yo caminaba, vi...

Where can one find more information about Cuando?

One can find more information about Cuando on Wikipedia where they have much information about the Cuando River as well as the Cuando Cubango Province. It is a Spanish word and information can also be found on Spanish online dictionaries.

What is the Spanish translation for the word ekphrastic?

The Spanish translation of the word "ekphrastic" is "ecfrástico"

How do you say when Spanish?

"When" in Spanish is "Cuando". It is pronounced "KWON-doe". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

What does 'Cuando te voy a see' mean?

The question 'Cuando te voy a see' contains four words in Spanish, and one in English. The word 'see' needs to be written as 'ver'. The meaning of the corrected question, 'Cuando te voy a ver', is When am I going to see you? In the word-by-word translation, the conjunction 'cuando' means 'when'. The personal pronoun 'te' means 'you'. The verb 'voy a' means '[I] am going to, do go to, go to'. And the verb 'ver' means 'to see'.

What is the translation in English to the spanish word ser?

The translation of the Spanish word "ser" to English is "to be."

What is the Spanish translation of I guess whenever we had a time?

Supongo/me figuro cuando quiera que teniamos el tiempo